If you want to take control of your care and support without the added responsibility of managing a Direct Payments bank account, our Banking Administration Service can set up and manage your bank account for you.

Our experienced team can process your Direct Payment (including client contributions) through a bank account we will set up for you and hold, on your behalf, as well as paying invoices and PA salaries from this account as advised by you.

If you wish, we can also work with other people supporting you, e.g. your social worker, to keep them informed about your bank account.

How it works

Our Banking Administration Service will:

  • Receive Direct Payments from your local council or NHS Trust into a dedicated bank account which we set up for you.
  • Receive any assessed contribution that you pay.
  • Take payment of our fee for the service from your account.
  • Send bank statements to you and your local council or NHS Trust as required.
  • Make payments to agencies or suppliers (e.g. care agencies), as agreed in your care plan, when we receive a receipt or invoice.
  • Make payments to Personal Assistants as advised by your Payroll Service (if applicable).
  • Make payments to HMRC as advised by your Payroll Service (if applicable).
  • Make payments due to your Payroll Service (if applicable).

The 4-weekly fee for this service is £33.17 (+ VAT) meaning you will pay £39.80 in total every 4 weeks.

For customers in Hampshire, payment for banking services is paid for by Hampshire County Council, therefore Independent Lives will not take money from you for this service.

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