Clinical Training for Personal Assistants

Do you have complex healthcare needs and would like your personal assistant to undertake clinical tasks?

Independent Lives provides clinical training in your own home. We will work with you, your PA or team of support workers, and a fully qualified community clinician trainer. This service is a Guardian Public Service Award winner. 

We offer clinical training in the following areas so your PA can undertake these tasks, rather than a clinician:

  • Tracheostomy care

  • Respiratory care  (observations, suctioning, oxygen support)

  • Enteral feeding  

  • Elimination support (including suppositories if needed)

  • Catheter care

There are different pricing options dependent on your needs:

  • Health care theory (classroom): £70.00
  • Health care practical sign off: £100.00 

How do I book the training?

For clinical healthcare training please follow the link to the referral form.

Or contact Independent Lives directly:

How do I fund the training?

To understand your training needs and find out about funding, please contact us on 01903 219482 to discuss options. 

Does your PA need to be trained on other areas? 

Feedback from customers who have used Independent Lives to train their PA’s

'I feel so much more professional as an employer and at last I feel I am doing the right thing for my team.

After 2 years of battling away getting nowhere… Seeking help to set up a training plan for my team they have made it happen for me! The team are really personable; they listen to the needs and have been so responsive in finding options that work for us.' 

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