With Access Day weekend upon us, now is a great time for us to talk about the new access and transport steering group

03/10/17 by David Streeter

West Sussex has several active accessibility groups where disabled people are working to improve access in their local community.

Independent Lives is working with representatives from the accessibility groups to share their work on all things access. Whether that’s public transport, access to local shops and businesses, or issues with accessible toilets, we are working across the county to improve access for everyone.

Our first meeting on the 24th February was a huge success, prompting discussion on concerns ranging from local beach accessibility in East Preston, to national problems with accessibility on public transport. We heard that in some areas across the county pavement accessibility is so poor that wheelchair users have to use the road. In other areas pavement access is acceptable, but a lack of accessible taxis is causing widespread isolation among disabled people in the community.

By bringing the groups together from across West Sussex we can combine our resources and expertise to tackle these issues together. We are already working in partnership to raise awareness of parking over dropped kerbs. For some people, a blocked dropped kerb can be the difference between getting to the shops and being stuck inside their own home. Things like this should be easy to fix, and together we can towards making that change happen.

If you have anything to contribute regarding accessibility or transport we’d love to hear from you.

If you want to get involved in improving accessibility in West Sussex, we can put you in touch with the access group in your community. For more information, contact David Streeter by email at david.streeter@independentlives.org, or call on 01903 219 482 ext 256.

We’ll be sharing more with you about what we’re doing in the near future, so make sure to keep an eye on our website and blog. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep in touch with everything we’re doing to enable people to lead full, independent lives.