COVID-19 antibody testing for personal assistants

Antibody testing is now available across England and is being provided free of charge to personal assistants.The antibody test is a voluntary blood test which detects antibodies to the COVID-19 virus to see if you have previously had the virus and will inform government research.

You cannot take the test if you currently have symptoms or have been advised to take the COVID-19 test. See ‘Antibody Testing – Personal Assistants’ on the information hub here.

Order your CARE badge

The Department of Health and Social Care is providing CARE badges free of charge to staff employed across the adult social care sector, including those working as personal assistants. This is to recognise their critical work, particularly during the COVID-19 outbreak.

For PAs to order a badge, they will need to create a new account on the online ordering services. To do this they need to give their name, delivery address, email address. There is an ‘organisation name’ section, which can be left blank.

Annual health checks for people with a learning disability

Annual health checks are for anyone who’s 14 or over and has a learning disability. It is a chance to review their overall health and any particular risks for them or any health concerns they have.

People with a learning disability don’t always get the healthcare they need, so this check helps people make any lifestyle changes they choose to stay well, and to get the treatment they need at the right time, by finding out about any health problems early.

NDTi has produced a range of resources and links to other organisations’ resources to support people with a learning disability and their supporters to understand more about annual health checks and how to get one. They also have resources for health professionals, and information about how annual health checks will need to be done differently during coronavirus.

Find out more on the NDTi website

New report: State of the adult social care sector and workforce in England, 2020

The latest report has now been published. It provides comprehensive analysis on:

  • employment information
  • recruitment and retention
  • demographics
  • pay, training and qualification information
  • future workforce forecasts.

Thank you to all employers and providers that supplied information to inform this report, which is key to influencing long-term change.

Download a copy of the report and infographic