On this page you will find resources to guide you though managing your Personal Budget and managing a Personal Assistant. It covers:

  • Getting started on Direct Payments
  • Recruiting a Personal Assistant
  • Making a job offer (employing a Personal Assistant)

You will find guidance documents, some of which are accompanied by an audio version of the guidance. There are also templates for you to refer to and use. If you need any information in any other formats please get in touch.

We currently do not have audio versions available for the following sections but other formats are available using the below links. 

Please refer to the below sections, to find out more. The resources are structured so that you can read guidance to explain what you need to know, then apply this by using the templates.

Getting started on Direct Payments 

Guidance 1.0 - introducing what it means to employ someone (a ‘Personal Assistant’) using Direct Payments

Spending Record (1.1a) - a template to record your spending (expenditure)

Guidance (1.1) - guidance on managing a Direct Payment bank accounts and keeping financial records

Guidance (1.2) - guidance on preparing your budget as an employer

Guidance(1.3)- Employer's Liability Insurance

Guidance (1.4) - Payroll options

Guidance (1.5) - setting up Staff Rotas

Chart (1.5a) - a template to work out your PA(s) availability

Guidance (1.6) - an introduction to Working Time Regulations

Template 1.6(a) - 48 hour week opt out agreement

Template 1.6(b) - Night Workers health assessment

Template 1.6(c) - Workforce agreement

Guidance (1.7) - acting as an authorised person

Recruiting a Personal Assistant

Guidance (2.1) - writing a job description and person specification

Template (2.1a) - preparing your job description

Template (2.1b) - job description and person specification

Guidance (2.2) - writing recruitment job adverts

Template (2.2b) - PA application form

Guidance (2.3) - sifting and shortlisting applications

Template (2.3a) - letter inviting an applicant to interview

Template (2.3b) - letter informing an application that they have not been successful

Guidance (2.4) - interviewing skills

Template (2.4a) - examples of interview questions

Template (2.4b) - letter informing a candidate that they were unsuccessful after interview

Guidance (2.5) - avoiding discrimination in PA employment

Making a job offer

Guidance (3.1) making a job offer

Template (3.1a) - job offer letter - Word format

Guidance (3.2) - holiday pay and entitlement

Template (3.2a) - holiday pay calculator (fixed hours)

Template (3.2b) - holiday pay calculator (zero or flexible hours)

Guidance (3.4d) - PA timesheet guidance

Template 3.5(a) - Holiday record sheet - Excel format

Template 3.5(b) - Holiday record sheet - Word format

Template 3.6 - PA mileage record

Template 3.7 - PA sickness record