We offer 'bespoke' Health and Social care training, which basically means we can tailor elements of the training to your and your staff.

Are you a Healthcare Assistant, a Support Worker or a PA? Or do you employ staff with these roles? We can be flexible on the roles and environment the training is tailored for and the size of the group we train (up to 8 people). So whether your work environment is a residential care home, a domiciliary agency or your employer's home, we can provide training relevant to that setting.

We can even use your equipment in the training, if desired, in order to make demonstration and participation as close to a real life situation as possible.

Costs of bespoke care training?

Costs will depend on where training is held, the number of people being trained - and the contents of the training. To receive a quote on training, please email us at [email protected] or phone us on 01903 219482.