The UK could have its hottest day on record this week (18 July), with temperatures forecast to hit up to 41C.

London is set to be one of the hottest places in the world on Monday, with temperatures soaring above the Western Sahara and the Caribbean.

High temperatures are also forecast across the UK - with amber warnings in the rest of England, all of Wales, and parts of Scotland.

Heatwaves cause challenges to everyone, but for disabled people, the heat can add many more serious complications.

To help beat the heat, we’ve complied a list of tips to help keep you cool over the next few days and the rest of the summer:

  • Have a cold bath or fill a hot bottle with ice
  • Run a cold tap and let the water flow over the inside of the wrists
  • Wear a cooling vest
  • Some medications might mean you sweat more, so drink little and often, before you feel thirsty
  • A lack of sleep can be a trigger - try and keep your home cool by keeping windows open but shielded from sunlight
  • Adjust your routine by working from home or somewhere cooler, like a library, and avoid a sweaty journey
  • If you feel like your mental health is dipping, don't hesitate to contact your GP or mental health team if you have one.

For more heatwave hints, please visit the NHS website (link opens in new window).