Our impact over the last year - a statement from our Chair and Interim CEO

As we write this in May 2017, we reflect on the progress that Independent Lives has made over the past year – expanding the ways we support disabled people and people with health conditions, to be able to participate equally in our society.

I am delighted after 13 years with Independent Lives to serve you as interim CEO, and look forward to working with our expanded Executive Leadership Team which is now joined by Katherine Wynne, Director of Services, and Jo Scutt as our new Director of Business Planning and Finance.

Independent Lives also welcomes the new additions to our Board of Trustees, Simon Wilson, David Hardman and Chandos Green, who bring their lived experience and sector expertise to our governance. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our board members for their time, support and guidance, as well as all of our employees and volunteers for their dedication and focus.

You are what makes Independent Lives one of the best places in the country to work. In the last year we not only supported 1,400 disabled people through the Direct Payment Information and Advice service, our care service also provided 42,211 hours of care and support.

Now we look forward to delivering 3 year strategic plan ‘Vision 2020’ which have built in consultation with all of our stakeholders.

In Vision 2020 we will challenge ourselves to continue to provide the best quality services in ongoing austerity, knowing we will be inspired and held to account by the people we serve: members of our board, commissioners, volunteers, our workforce, customers and local community.

Our 2016/17 Impact Report picks out our highlights – and customers – from 2016. It looks at achievements across two interlinked areas:

  1. Supporting people to live independently and participate equally in society
  2. Promoting collaboration with professionals, encouraging them to look after their own wellbeing, enabling them to best provide personalised care.

Drawing upon information recorded through a rich set of qualitative and quantitative methods: interviews, surveys, customer feedback, databases and digital reporting, the report gives an insight into the impact of Independent Lives.

The starting point for all of the work highlighted in this report is what our customers have shared with us.

We look forward to continuing working with you as partners, funders and customers in 2017 and beyond, supporting disabled people and people with health conditions, to participate fully in our communities.

Rebecca Smicle, Interim Chief Executive and Valerie Kiln-Barfoot, Chair