Job Title: Buddy/Adventurous Personal Assistant(s)
Location: Climping, Littlehampton, West Sussex
Hourly rate: £11.00 per hour
Reference: DP5592
Hours/shifts: I am looking for a team of PA’s to cover between 4 – 8 hours each week. Flexibility with days and hours available. There will be some morning starts, weekend working with very occasional evenings. Additional hours may be available when needed.


• This is an unusual and rewarding opportunity to work with a fun loving and energetic 26-year old with Autism (ASD).
• We are looking for calm, caring, self-motivated, confident and independent Personal Assistants, with good problem solving skills and a sense of humour, who are also experienced walkers with the ability to map read and equipped to walk 10-14 miles in all weather.
• Support is needed to help promote our daughters’ independence, enabling her to live an active and fulfilling life.
• Our daughter has moderate/severe Autism, sensory processing disorder, learning difficulties, limited communication and profound anxiety, all of this means that she experiences the world differently which makes life challenging. Be curious not judgmental!
• Support is needed both out in the community and in the home environment supporting and encouraging her with activities she loves such as; climbing, cycling, walking , surfing, photography, drawing, chess/games, drumming/music or just chilling.
• Essential to this role is the ability to connect and interact with our daughter in her world. Experience with signing or visual communication may be helpful.
• The job does not necessarily require ASD experience, just acceptance, patience, and the willingness to take each day as it comes. No two days are the same.
• You must hold a valid UK driving license and be happy to drive our daughter in her mobility car.

Other Requirements
• Comfortable with dogs.
• Hold a UK driving license.
• Have basic first aid knowledge.
• Willing to work weekends and occasional evenings
All applicants must be willing to undertake an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service check
Successful applicants will be entitled to Holiday pay and will be issued employment contracts.

Typical duties

Community living Tasks:
Assist and support me with skills in daily life which will vary and develop
Provide me with company and stimulation; to have fun and to develop my social skills and confidence
Accompany me in the community and fully support me in the activities I enjoy. I particularly like climbing / bouldering and mountain biking but if you are happy to walk and are proficient in other adventure sports I enjoy these too.
Liaise with me and my parents when planning activities and support me to make decisions
Support me in my home e.g. with games, crafts, chilling and preparing drinks and occasional meals
Driving me in my mobility car
Support me with communication and social interaction
Listen to my concerns and be an advocate for my needs
manage money on outings; you must keep receipts to give to the employer
Experience with signing or using visual communication maybe helpful.
Any other task that is reasonable

Prepare meals and drinks and to eat lunch with me (as this is a prompt that helps me to eat and drink)
Any other reasonable task
Personal Care:
Help to maintain my safety within the community
Remind me to take food and drink with me when we are going out and prompt me to eat and drink
I have a peanut allergy so PAs should ideally be epi-pen trained or be prepared to use an epi-pen and be allergy and coeliac aware
Support me to check that I have appropriate clothing for the weather conditions, prompt and assist me to add or remove layers as necessary
Support me to manage anxiety and frustration; particularly necessary in busy unfamiliar settings
Prompting me to go to the toilet

Any other task that is reasonable

Person specification
Be open minded, accepting and willing to learn when working with the young disabled person
Be honest and cheerful and work in a professional manner with high standards
Be reliable with excellent timekeeping
Be an Adventure Sport enthusiast and love the outdoors whatever the weather
Like dogs
Be able to respect privacy and confidentiality
Be able to both follow instructions and work on own initiative
Be able to support and develop independent living skills but be sensitive to how the young person is feeling on a day to day basis.
Be a driver with a clean UK driving licence.

Be legally allowed to work in the UK
Previous experience preferred but this is not as essential as a kind and common sense approach to these roles.

Please note, if you are successful in your application for this position you will be employed directly by the individual employer and not Independent Lives