Job Title: Care Coordinator and Administration Manager
Location: Angmering and virtually
Hourly rate: To be discussed
Reference: DP2488a
Hours/shifts: 5-7 hrs/week, working 1:1 with client and ‘virtually’. Initially a 6 month contract with the potential to extend.

The role includes all aspects of care management and coordination, including management of the current team of 3.

The aim is to balance care, knowing whether to encourage client independence in completing tasks or do them for her by assessing her mental health at the time. The client’s ability to cope fluctuates with stress which affects her emotionally/psychologically as well as well as physically

Other Requirements 

• Applicant needs to be able to drive and have own car, local preferably but not essential.
• Female Due to Personal Care needs "Exemption is claimed under the Equality Act 2010 Part 1 Schedule 9."

• Other :
All applicants must be willing to undertake an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service check
Successful applicants will be entitled to Holiday pay and will be issued employment contracts.

The overall aim is to develop and manage a team structure of care which helps support and advocate for the client taking responsibility for her day to day support network. The role will require working with parents, the client, and management/coordination of team members (3). The role reports to client and her family for the initial three months but will develop to client alone as care package gels. The team approach has been managed successfully previously but has now become less effective due to poor coordination and client illness - it is hoped to rebuild this.

Two formal contacts to client per week, initially face to face but moving to virtual.
Time, days and venue can be altered to suit client need.
Keep record of problems arising and resolution method.

Develop working relationship with client to support progress toward independent living and client led team management.

Specific Projects:

Developing successful communication with client and setting a routine of care/support via prompts, email exchange and organisational models (diaries, reminders etc).

Additionally client may seek advice regarding mail, getting to appointments etc. Client’s mother will accompany where possible to medical appointments but all arrangements to get to the appointment will be manager’s responsibility but can be delegated to appropriate team members e.g. getting blood taken, ensuring client gets to hospital etc.

GP liaison includes;

• Management, ordering and requesting medication.
• Making and altering appointments as necessary.
• Visiting GP with client as required.
• Arranging blood tests/forms and checking what they cover.
• All hospital appointments require bloods before attending
• Arranging delivery and being in to accept drugs. Storage, checking
Interactions and management of drugs

Less frequently there may be a need to pick up prescriptions, visit face to face if an unexpected issue causes distress or to cover an emergency situation. Flexibility in working is essential.

In addition to the GP, the client is under the care of 4 specialists at the hospital.

Other areas of work:

Prompting, structuring, monitoring and developing steps towards independence in:

Tenancy maintenance and liaise with Council as required

Facilitation of a safe, uncluttered home with strong organisational systems to reduce OCD stress.

Admin including bills; deal with physical post (with awareness of OCD issues), Household and care issues and email weekly

Covering annual leave of other staff by offering extra support if appropriate.

Chair twice yearly team meeting to identify and address client’s goals and how they can be met.

Any other reasonable tasks occasionally involving personal care

This is a new role so the tasks detailed above are not exhaustive.

Person specification
Skills Required: 
· Team player able to adapt to multiple roles when required. Present a confident demeanor in social situations.
· Enhanced communication skills, both in conversation, and written word, including problem solving and conflict resolution.
· Competent with non verbal communication to assess client mood/motivation on a day to day basis to determine ability of client coping versus needing to be 'cared for'/reassured
· Comfortable with texting and email etc as main means of communication, and other IT skills helpful e.g. Word and basic Excel
· Patience and compassion, flexible in approach
· Experience in health and/or care management helpful
· Experienced in risk assessment, used to working autonomously, in the best interest of the client, and yet able to report anything of concern to appropriate agency (social worker/mental health team/GP)
· Experienced multidisciplinary team working, ideally in supervisory role
· Highly organised and used to using/ developing structured plans
· Flexible working to include 1:1 with client, client’s family and distance working.
· Knowledge of autistic spectrum disorder an asset but not essential
· Willing to attend training as necessary
· Applicant needs to be well presented, with good hygiene awareness due to implications of OCD when working face to face.

Please note, if you are successful in your application for this position you will be employed directly by the individual employer and not Independent Lives