Independent Lives provides one to one, confidential, independent support to people who are experiencing a social issue that may be impacting on their health and wellbeing. This could include a broad range of issues, such as accessing benefits, housing, financial hardship, social isolation, accessing community services, accessing employment and education. Please note: we do not offer benefit or housing advice, and this service is accessed by referral only.

The service supports people to create a personalised action plan, identify their desired outcomes, look at different options, recognise and record achievable, manageable steps they can take to work towards achieving their desired outcome. This could include looking at resources and support from services, community groups and family members.

The individual remains in control of their action plan, what is included in it and any actions taken. It can be used as an ongoing tool to assist them with tracking and reviewing their progress.

Following a referral from the Community Support Coordinator, the process will involve an initial telephone consultation with the client, one 60 minute face to face meeting and two further telephone calls to review progress and outcomes. The session time and telephone calls will be arranged by appointment.

We accept referrals for adults aged 16 and upwards who are registered patients of Southgate Medical Practice, Leacroft Medical Practice, Langley Corner Surgery in Crawley.