I live with multiple long term conditions including severe asthma, a dynamic collapsing airway and chronic back pain.

I am married to David and have adult twins William and Alice, and 3 dogs; Digger, Fluff & Tonto. Alice has profound and multiple disabilities and complex health care needs and I have managed a personal budget and a personal health budget for her.

I originally trained in business and finance working for the local electricity board but left when I had the twins to look after Alice 24/7. I returned to part time work with West Sussex County Council as a part time finance and admin officer and youth worker until they left school.

I then came to work at Independent Lives as a Senior Personal Health Budget Adviser being able to use my own experiences to support others. From here I joined NHS England in March 2017 working in the Personalised Care Group of the Strategy and Innovation Directorate as a Lived Experience Manager. In this role I support and facilitate local people to have their voices heard at a strategic level and be part of the decision making process around service shaping and delivery.

I have also spent 26 years working in volunteering as a staff officer with responsibility for vocational qualifications for adults and young people.

I am an advocate of lifelong learning and have a masters level qualification in management and leadership, have undertaken short courses in Diversity and Equality, and Information, Advice and Guidance, with the most recent being Change Management in large organisations and Project Management.