Location: Worthing / Hourly rate: £9 / Reference: DP116


I am a disabled lady living in the Durrington area of Worthing. I have a physical disability and I am a full time wheelchair user. 

I am looking for a PA to assist with personal care, light domestic tasks, to support and assist when required with medical appointments, meetings and other duties such as shopping. 


Saturday & Sunday 2.5 hours available each day

Please apply if you can do any of the above hours. 

Other Requirements

*Sch. 9 s. 1 (1) Equality Act 2010 applies

All applicants must be willing to undertake an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service check

Successful applicants will be entitled to Holiday pay and will be issued employment contracts.


About the employer:

I am a lady living in Durrington in my late 40's.  I am physically disabled and a full time wheelchair user.  My interests are all types of craft making and am active in the community. 

Nature of the work:

To assist the employer to get up in the morning performing her care requirement routine (and if needed in the evening to assist with going to bed).  To provide support to the employer to lead an independent life. To carry our other tasks as requested by the employer such as maintaining cleanliness of hygienic areas. 

Typical duties

Domestic -    

  • Prepare Breakfast
  • Make bed daily, bed change when requested
  • Ensure the kettle is filled with water (so it is ready to use), and small water bottles in bedroom are filled for the night – both with bottled water
  • Clean up in shower room
  • Sweep / mop floors
  • Making occasional phone calls on the employer’s behalf
  • To empty the rubbish / recycling / clinical bin
  • Maintain cleanliness of hygiene areas
  • Maintenance of sleep apnoea machine
  • Assist with laundry

Personal Care:

  • Assist with shower, including washing back, feet and hair
  • Assist with drying
  • Cream and dress lower half
  • Assist with exercises
  • Assist and ensure I take my medication, also assist with making up of dosette boxes for weeks’ worth of medication


  • To assist to appointments – dentist, doctors, hospital etc.
  • Occasionally help to push my manual wheelchair
  • Assisting employer when going out shopping

Person specification

The successful applicant will be: 

  • Thorough
  • Reliable
  • Honest and Trustworthy
  • Fit and healthy enough to undertake the full range of tasks 
  • Clean and hygienic
  • Respect the employers confidentiality
  • Flexible in their approach

Additional Information

Please note:

  • Please bear in mind that your duties will vary and PA’s should be prepared to carry out all reasonable tasks that the employer specifies.
  • PA’s should respect the possessions of the employer.  Use of their television radio, telephone etc. should only be with the employer’s permission.
  • No smoking within the employer’s property


It is vital that you attend shifts punctually and commit to the times agreed.  Should you be ill, the employers needs as much notice as possible that you will be unable to attend work, so they are able to make the necessary arrangements to cover your shift.

Learning the job:

For the most part, areas of assistance can be learned and familiarised through the assistant and employer working together.  Where required, practical training and guidance will be provided.