Job Title: Female Personal Care Assistant
Location: Worthing
Hourly rate: £9 per hour.
Reference: DP1827
Hours/shifts: Current PA carer hours are agreed on a casual basis and can be anything up to 12 hours per week depending on need. 3-4 hours is the weekly average

I am the mother of a very loving and affectionate daughter of 18 years, who was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome at birth. She has learning and speech and language delays/difficulty and is currently attending college during the day each week.
I need support with my daughter at home, after college, to take her to clubs, activities, to the gym/football/sports/swimming to get exercise (she is very physically able). As a single mother, having a PA/ Carer gives me the additional peace of mind that I have someone to call on if I am ever ill, in need of extra help or I need to go away or out in the evenings.
This rewarding role requires flexibility and commitment to give my daughter the stability that she needs. She is very socially outgoing and affectionate but needs to be continually supervised, given firm boundaries and guidance to keep her safe in the community and at home.
She enjoys practically everything including; Books, drawing, arts/crafts, cooking, cake decorating, jigsaws, computer games, singing and dancing and loves to be physically active enjoying trips to the park, beach and indoor play areas. She also enjoys Kayaking, bowling abseiling and walking in the woods.
She is a lot of fun to be with, very creative and is always open to trying new things if given the opportunity. We need a person who has some experience working with adults with learning difficulties, who is compassionate, patient and can take the initiative by drawing up a plan of action for activities each session. The idea of this role is to provide much needed respite for me and a variety of fun and learning/educational and physical activities for my daughter that encourage her to grow, include her in the community and that she finds enjoyable and engaging.

Other Requirements 
• "Exemption is claimed under the Equality Act 2010 Part 1 Schedule 9."
• A UK driving license is desirable but not essential.

• Other :
All applicants must be willing to undertake an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service check
Successful applicants will be entitled to Holiday pay and will be issued employment contracts.

Typical duties
Domestic - 
Though my daughter’s needs are always priority you are expected to carry out some domestic duties during shifts. Should I be taken ill or have an injury which prevents me form carrying out normal domestic tasks, the PA will be called upon I times of emergency to help with these duties. Such as:

• Cleaning and tidying vacuuming after activities, cleaning up spills and messes.
• Teaching my daughter to keep her bedroom tidy, hanging up clothes, putting away toys.
• Giving drinks on a regular basis, preparing meals, cooking and washing up.
• Putting on laundry, hanging out, changing bed linen when necessary.
• Shopping and running errands
• preparation and cooking, cleaning up and storing food, keeping kitchen areas, dishes and utensils clean and tidy
• Keeping bathroom clean and hygienic and any other related domestic duties

Personal Care: 
• Assistance with dressing and undressing if necessary and ensuring adequate and appropriate clothing for activities
• Supervision and assistance at mealtimes
• Assisting with washing, bathing/showering if necessary
• Administering first aid and medicine during times of illness or accident.
• Putting on hat/sun cream

• Making sure phone is charged and usable. She also has a bus pass for travel and you will need to ensure tickets are booked for any venues/activities and backpack packed with lunch and snacks.
• Main priority is to keep my daughter occupied with the emphasis on enjoyment and doing fun things together.
• Support with developing independence.
• With prior agreement, taking my daughter out or accompanying and chaperoning on trips e.g. to soft play, park, beach craft fairs, local visits or places of interest. These could include; Museums, shopping trips, activities such as bowling, swimming, gym, meeting friends, attending village events, disability groups or clubs. This could be by walking, car, bus or train.
• Constant supervision indoors and outdoors
• Protecting my daughter from danger and keeping her safe for example; keeping her away from roads, dogs and strangers etc.
• Intervening and supervising when with others and managing inappropriate behavior
• Teaching or correcting unacceptable behavior in a loving, form but calm and consistent way
• Giving guidance and instruction when necessary with social skills and boundaries e.g. sharing and turn taking.
• Being mindful of improving my daughter’s overall development by motivating, encouraging, stimulating an engaging with her in a wide variety of activities e.g. reading, writing, arithmetic, colour, threading, jigsaws, painting, drawing arts and crafts, cutting out shapes, outdoor sports and physical activity etc

Person specification
The successful applicant will be:  
• Able to prioritize this position with any other work or private social activities.
• Be flexible with hours and days, being ale to change as short notice if necessary and be a good time keeper.
• Be female due to personal care needs
• Not smoke at work, use recreational drugs or alcohol.
• Be fit and healthy enough to undertake the full range of tasks.
• Experience with working with people with special needs and challenging behavior is preferable, but would need to be able to learn and adapt to my daughter’s individual needs
• Knowledge of Makaton/Signalong is useful but not essential
• Possess common sense and be able to take the initiative, but also be able to follow instructions.
• Have confidence to deal with any challenging behavior in a calm, consistent and compassionate way using strategies.
• Patient and tolerant, self-controlled and calm when under pressure.
• Be respectful and courteous, especially when it comes to privacy confidentiality and religious beliefs
• Be honest and trustworthy
• Be cheerful, positive and fun to be with
• Be hygienic and well-groomed
• Able to speak and read English to a reasonable standard
• Legally permitted to work in the UK
• Able to work at all times to a high standard of Health & Safety

It’s also desirable if you are prepared to undertake training relevant to the job e.g. First Aid, Home Safety and Manual Handling. Previous experience and DBS is also preferred

Please note, if you are successful in your application for this position you will be employed directly by the individual employer and not Independent Lives