Location: Worthing / Hourly rate: £9 / Reference: DP1827


I am looking for a committed personal assistant to help support my 16 year old daughter with Down’s syndrome and to enable me to have respite.  The work will involve personal care, social/recreational work indoors and outside and related domestic assistance in her home.  This rewarding role requires flexibility and commitment to give my daughter the stability that she needs.  She is very socially outgoing and affectionate but needs to be continually supervised, given firm boundaries and guidance. She enjoys practically everything including books, drawing, arts/crafts, dolls & imaginary play, jigsaws, computer games, singing & dancing and loves to be physically active, enjoying trips the park, beach and indoor play areas. She is a lot of fun to be with and has loads of energy.  


Flexibility is required, hours as agreed on a flexible worker agreement contract. Current PA Carer hours are up to 12 hrs week. Weekdays after school, evenings, weekends, school holidays. Possibility of overnight care for suitable applicant.  May be called upon in times of emergency or when mother may need extra help.  

Other Requirements

*Sch. 9 s. 1 (1) Equality Act 2010 applies

All applicants must be willing to undertake an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service check

Successful applicants will be entitled to holiday pay and will be issued with employment contracts.


Typical duties

  • Main priority is to keep my daughter occupied with the emphasis on enjoyment and doing fun things together. 
  • With prior agreement, taking child out or accompanying on trips e.g. to soft play, park, beach, craft fairs, local visits or places of interest, out shopping for fun, meeting friends, attending village events, attending disability groups or clubs, swimming
  • Constant supervision indoors and outdoors
  • Protecting the my daughter from danger and keeping her safe for example, keeping her away from roads, dogs, strangers etc, holding hands out doors
  • Intervening and supervising when with other children and managing inappropriate behaviour
  • Teaching or correcting unacceptable behaviour in a loving, firm but calm and consistent way
  • Giving guidance and instruction when necessary with social skills and boundaries e.g., sharing and turn taking
  • Being mindful of improving the child's overall development by motivating, encouraging, stimulating and engaging with the child in a wide variety of activities. e.g. reading, writing, arithmetic, colour, threading, jigsaws, painting, drawing, arts and crafts, cutting out shapes, outdoor sports and physical activity etc.

Personal duties

  • Dressing and undressing/ helping with buttons and fastenings
  • Helping with toileting, wiping, giving reminders to go and taking her even when she says she doesn’t need to go.
  • Mealtimes e.g. cutting up food, assistance to eat and keep clean
  • Washing and bathing/showering – towelling dry/ drying hair, brushing teeth, putting child to bed
  • Administering first aid and medicine during times of illness or accident. 
  • Putting on hat/sun cream 

Domestic duties 

Though my daughter’s needs are always priority you are expected to carry out some domestic duties during shifts especially when overnight care is required. Should I be taken ill or have an injury which prevents her from carrying out normal domestic duties, the PA will be called upon in times of emergency to help with normal domestic duties such as:  

  • Cleaning and tidying, vacuuming, after activities, wiping up spills or messes
  • Keeping the bedroom tidy, hanging up clothes, putting away toys
  • Giving drinks on a regular basis, preparing meals, cooking and washing up 
  • Putting on laundry and hanging out, changing bed linen when necessary
  • Shopping and running errands
  • Keeping bathroom clean and hygienic and any other related domestic duties

Person specification

  • Able to prioritise this position with any other work or private social activities 
  • Be flexible with hours and days, being able to change at short notice if necessary
  • Be female as personal care is involved and child is a young female
  • A full driving licence is preferable but not essential and if you do be over 20 years old, because of car insurance
  • Have reasonable English, so that you could write a letter
  • Not smoke at work, use recreational drugs, alcohol
  • Be fit and healthy enough to undertake the full range of tasks
  • Experience with working with children with special needs and challenging behaviour is preferable, but would need to be able to learn and adapt to the needs of a child with special needs
  • Knowledge of Makaton or Sign-along signing is useful but not essential
  • Possess common sense and able to take the initiative
  • Have confidence to deal with a child's challenging behaviour in a calm, consistent and compassionate way
  • Patient and tolerant, self-controlled and calm when under pressure
  • Be able to respect privacy/confidentiality and religious beliefs
  • Be honest and trustworthy
  • Be cheerful, positive and fun to be with
  • Be reliable, with good time-keeping
  • Be self-motivated and follow instructions with a good attitude
  • Be hygienic and well groomed
  • Be respectful and courteous

It’s also desirable if you or prepared to undertake training relevant to the job e.g. first aid, home safety, lifting and handling. Previous experience preferred. Preferred to have a previous up to date DBS check.

Please note the PA should be female due to personal care tasks that will be required.