Location: Yapton / Hourly rate: £9.50 / Reference: TM6419. 


  • Female Personal Assistant/Carer required for a creative and friendly lady in her early 40s.
  • Due to a few health issues, support is needed within the home environment to maintain the home and cook/prepare meals.
  • Assistance and prompting required with personal care/dressing 
  • Support is needed to access the local community, reduce isolation and help the client gain confidence. 
  • Duties would include supporting the client to attend therapy session, art classes, doctors/hospital  appointments
  • Permanent/part-time, 16 hours per week- open to job share – preferably with some flexibility
  • Must have driving licence and own vehicle 
  • Good hourly rate plus full holiday pay etc 


10am - 2pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

16 hours per week 

Other Requirements

  • "Exemption is claimed under the Equality Act 2010 Part 1 Schedule 9."
  • Must be comfortable with pets-2 small dogs
  • Must have a UK driving licence
  • Must be happy to work in a smoking environment 
  • Must have access to own vehicle
  • All applicants must be willing to undertake an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service check
  • Successful applicants will be entitled to Holiday pay and will be issued employment contracts.


Nature of the work:

The client is a lady in her early 40’s who has a number of health conditions which include Lupus and Fibromyalgia, these conditions affect her mobility and mental health.She enjoys activities such as; art, craft and sculpture. Spending time with her husband, grown up children and two small dogs is also important to her.

The work will involve supporting the client within her home environment and out in the community. Support is needed in the home so that the client can have help and supervision (when needed) with personal care, getting dressed and showered. The client particularly needs help to get motivated and up/dressed in the mornings.

Support is needed to keep the home safe and tidy, so that the client can move about without difficulties. Cooking and preparing meals is also an important part of the role.

The client enjoys art and crafts and would like to attend art sessions or therapy on a regular basis. The personal assistant would need to be able to drive the client to these sessions and support her when needed during these sessions. Visiting the local town, coffee shops, doing food shopping or taking to appointments would also be part of the job, as these activities will help the client build her independence and gain confidence.

The client does use a manual wheelchair when out of the home environment if required.   

Typical duties

  • Laundry, ironing, putting away
  • Changing bed linen
  • Bed making
  • General cleaning
  • Taking out rubbish
  • General housework, including cleaning, dusting and vacuuming. 
  • Preparing drinks, snacks and meals.
  • Shopping
  • Maintenance of small garden, perhaps half an hour a week
  • Tidying
  • Making phone calls on my behalf when I am too unwell to do this
  • Making tea for the employer's guests

Personal Care:   

  • To be close on hand when employer takes bath or shower 
  • Assistance with applying cream
  • Dressing and undressing/ helping with buttons and fastenings
  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Assistance with medication i.e. helping to take tablets from foil/packets
  • Helping with other aspects of personal care as required, for example assisting employer to get changed at swimming pool/gym. 
  • Getting in and out of the wheelchair ('transferring') 
  • Mealtimes e.g. assistance in preparing food
  • Physiotherapy exercises 


  • Accompanying and assisting client on shopping trips when required
  • Accompany client when accessing social and leisure activities, including to swimming lessons. 
  • Accompanying client to doctors/hospital appointments when required
  • Accompanying when clothes-buying, including help with un/dressing and lifting clothes on/off the rails.
  • Occasional longer journeys
  • Accompanying on trips out e.g. to the library, the vet, to see family. 
  • Driving and accompanying to social events.
  • Accompanying on trips out eg to the garden centre, beach, cinema, craft fairs, local visits, out shopping for fun, attending social events, attending therapies and disability group 
  • Accompanying to social meetings eg friends, family
  • The above duties will involve driving the client in the PA’s car, lifting the folding wheelchair in/out of car, pushing the clients wheelchair when out.  Alternatively, I would use my walking stick. 
  • Whilst on duty at the clients home watching TV and assisting with craft activities
  • Lifting the folding wheelchair in/out of car, pushing the clients manual wheelchair when out.

Person specification

The successful applicant will be:

  • Female due to personal care needs
  • Able to tolerate the client smoking in the work place
  • Respectful of the employer’s privacy and confidentiality
  • Reliable with good time-keeping
  • Able to both follow instructions and work on own initiative
  • Hygienic, tidy minded and well organised
  • Fit and healthy to undertake the required duties
  • Patience and possess excellent interpersonal skills
  • Honest and cheerful
  • Creative
  • Able to speak and read English to a reasonable standard
  • Legally permitted to work in the United Kingdom
  • Able to work at all times to high standards of Health & Safety
  • Previous experience preferred but this is not as essential as a kind and common sense approach to these roles.