Job Title: Female  Support Worker /Personal Assistant
Location:  Cowfold (Nr Horsham)     
Hourly rate: £11.00
Reference:   KB5054          
Hours/shifts: Every other Saturday 16:00-22:30

I am a young lady aged 30 with a highly active life. I have severe epilepsy but this does not stop me from doing all the things I love in life. My passions are horse riding, cooking, gym, drawing, painting, food (which I am trying to be very good with, I have a sweet tooth), music, dancing, films, being with my cats. I have now moved into my own flat and need support being as independent as possible.

Supporting me to prepare m meals, supporting me with personal care. Mainly supporting me to be as independent as possible while keeping me safe by observing my seizures.

I may wish to attend a club or go socialising with friends so you will be supporting me with this also.

Then administering medication and helping me to get ready for bed

The Care Support Worker will provide direct support to me to ensure my safety and wellbeing throughout the evening.
Other Requirements
• "Exemption is claimed under the Equality Act 2010 Part 1 Schedule 9."   
All applicants must be willing to undertake an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service check
Successful applicants will be entitled to Holiday pay and will be issued employment contracts.

Domestic -       
Laundry, hanging out to dry, ironing, putting away
Helping with laundry, washing and drying
Loading and unloading the washing machine
Loading and unloading tumble dryer/washing line
Changing bed linen
Bed making
General cleaning
Taking out rubbish
General housework, including cleaning, dusting and vacuuming.
Minor household maintenance eg changing light bulbs, taking down curtains for washing
Preparing drinks, snacks and meals.
Maintenance of small garden, perhaps half an hour a week
Assist with grooming cats (training provided) – employer would help
Correspondence e.g. reading letters, help writing replies, form-filling, assisting with household paperwork
Making phone calls on my behalf when I am too unwell to do this
Making tea for the employer's guests

Personal Care
I do not need help when using the toilet but need staff to make sure I am sitting down first before leaving me, then to stand outside the door and to listen out for me as I can sometimes have a seizure on the toilet.
When in the shower I am always sat in my shower chair. I will need my personal assistant to wash my hair for me but the rest I can do myself I may just need a little prompting. I need help putting on my bra as I find this difficult especially in the mornings when I have increased seizures.
I need to be encouraged to brush my teeth at the back as I tend to just do the front and my tongue.
I take medication for my Epilepsy which you will need to administer on occasions
I also take emergency rectal medication on occasions – full medication training will be provided but you must eventually feel comfortable and confident with this part of the role.
Safety is paramount to me as I have drop seizures, I always need you nearby in case I am about to fall.

My emergency medication is rectal diazepam, so staff will need to be trained and feel comfortable and confident administering this. Rectal diazepam is the only emergency medication that works for me.

• I like to be out in the community as much as possible. I go horse riding twice a week which is very important to me as I ride two amazing horses Teddy and Basil.

• I go to the gym twice a week in order to keep fit as my medication has made me put on quite a bit of weight in the past year. I need lots of encouragement for this to help me keep going.

• I volunteer at the Cats Protection Centre once a week I love cats which you will find out. We have four cats at home and my baby is Maisy.

• I go to the butterfly project on a Monday to do cooking and to help out and see my friends.

• I also enjoying going for a walk around my village, going to the post office where my mum works as I know a lot of people from my village. I really enjoy being sociable.

Person specification:
The successful applicant will be:
• Respectful of the employer’s privacy and confidentiality
• The successful applicant with preferable have experience of working with someone with epilepsy, but if we feel that your personality shines through and you are willing to learn then we would consider someone without.
• The successful applicant will be passionate about being a personal assistant. Be friendly, bubbly and down to earth and enjoy the job. To have a giggle with me and to make sure I am kept safe at all times and to help me  to lead a fulfilling life.
You will:
 Be willing to have a DBS check (formerly CRB) prior to starting the role
 Have a driving licence and car or willing to drive the family car
 Be able to treat all aspects of your role with confidentiality
 Need to genuinely care about independent living and Helen’s right to have a full an exciting life
 Be able to work well with other members of the family and take instructions