The training will be help at various locations across West Sussex and Hampshire covering classroom training in Medication level 1&2, Manual Handling & Basic First Aid. Each attendee on the training will receive a free training workbook in Infection Control and Safeguarding Adults.

This funding is unable to support:

  • Clinical or other training required by personal health budget (PHB) holders.
  • Training required by personal assistants working with children (those under the age of 18).
  • Unpaid carers, self-employed nor prospective PAs to access training.

Useful links:

Skills for Care’s employing personal assistants toolkit (Copies can be made available by emailing [email protected]

The information hub -  for individual employers and personal assistants contains links to lots of useful resources and information for employers, personal assistants and organisations that support them. It also has links to information about funding and training and an ‘in your area’ section with a list of local authorities and support organisations.

Individual employer funding - encourages continued learning amongst employers and personal assistants.