Personal budgets are funded by local authorities, so your first step should be to contact them and request a needs assessment.

If you’re over 18 or supporting someone over 18, please contact your local adult social care team.

If you’re supporting someone under 18, please contact your local children’s social care team.

The assessment looks what needs you have and is used to decide whether your needs meet the eligibility criteria for care and support (‘eligible needs’).

If you meet the eligible needs criteria, you will then need to have a financial assessment to see if you can receive support from your local authority.

You may not be able to if you have a certain amount of capital.

The authority must ensure you are able to meet your assessed eligible needs by assisting  with care costs following your financial assessment,

If you are assessed as having eligible needs your local authority will work with you to produce a written care and support plan, setting out how they will be met.

Some eligible needs may be met by your personal assistant and others by services that are available to everyone.

Any eligible needs not met in these ways must be met by your local authority.

All these elements of support, plus any other services you need will be recorded in your care plan.