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Funds available for social activities

National research indicates feeling socially isolated can be an issue for disabled people and we know that there are and limited options on accessible transport in the county.

Last year we held fundraising events for social activities for our West Sussex customers, with more planned for this year. So far we have just raised over £1,700 for this purpose.

We want to know how you would like the funds spent!

Please vote on:

  • Independent Lives running social activities that you can attend (such as customer coffee mornings and social groups for people receiving Direct Payments to share their experiences)
  • Making a funding pot available to customers, who can apply to cover the cost of travel or a PA, to support them to attend social activities ran by other organisations
  • Put funds raised so far towards an accessible vehicle, and keep fundraising to buy a vehicle that customers can use

You can also add a comment or an idea. We will then put the funds raised so far to the idea that gets the most votes, and will keep fundraising this year for this purpose.

Vote now on Doodle Poll! 

If you have any questions please contact David Streeter 01903 219482 or by email

Blue Badge Scheme extension accounts for hidden disabilities

The Blue Badge scheme is set to be extended to people with 'hidden disabilities' such as Autism and Mental Health problems.

The scheme allows Blue Badge holders to park closer to their destinations and to park for longer periods of time.

To find out more about the Blue Badge scheme, please click here.

The Government has also announced a new online system for applying for a Blue Badge which it says may 'reduce the time it takes to apply for a Blue Badge to 13 minutes'.

To apply for a Blue Badge online, please click here.

The NHS ten year plan

The government has announced increases in NHS funding over five years, beginning in 2019/20, and has asked the NHS to come up with a 10-year plan for how this funding will be used.

This is now an excellent opportunity to tackle the issues that matter most to patients and communities and to improve health and care.

With that in mind, the NHS has put together a helpful discussion guide to help you contribute ideas to the future development and direction of the service.

You can view the discussion guide by clicking here.

And find out more about the NHS ten year plan in general, by clicking here.

Have you heard about Disabled Facilities Grants?

One of the lesser known Government schemes are Disabled Facilities Grants. These enable disabled people to make adaptions to their homes to make them more accessible.

For example to:

  • widen doors and install ramps
  • improve access to rooms and facilities - eg stairlifts or a downstairs bathroom
  • provide a heating system suitable for your needs
  • adapt heating or lighting controls to make them easier to use
  • Applying for a A Disabled Facilities Grant won’t affect any benefits you get.

You can apply for a Grant through your local council.

If you live in West Sussex, please click here.

If you live in Hampshire, please click here.

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