Independent Lives is one step closer to ending loneliness thanks to a massive fundraising effort by five passionate members of staff.

The fundraising target of £500 was smashed this week, with a total so far reaching £600. The team has now set their sights on seeing how much more the total can be pushed before fundraising closes.

We are all likely to experience loneliness at some point in our lives. But having a disability means that you are more likely to be chronically lonely.

The causes of loneliness among disabled people are complex. Many of the barriers to making friends and meeting people are practical, such as the need for accessible transport and buildings, financial support and appropriate social care. The money raised will be used to tackle some of these issues and run social events across West Sussex.

Katherine Wynne, director of services and one of our cyclists, said: "The generosity of the public has totally astounded me. We are a small team and through many avenues of fundraising we have raised £595 – and we’re still counting!”

You can donate to the cause here: