We're really pleased to report that one of our Hampshire PA employers Claire Steeples, has won the 'Best individual who employs their own care and support staff' award at the 2019 Skills for Care Accolades.

Here's what Skills for Care had to say about Claire and her team:

Claire’s support team have worked hard to provide a system of care and support that means that she has a full and joyful life. Evidence of this is available through the support processes that promote person-centred care of the highest quality. Claire appears happy and content and she’s with her family who love her. The work that Claire’s PA team have carried out has been seen by Hampshire County Council as something that could be shared more widely and can be replicated elsewhere as it demonstrates what can be achieved and what is possible.

Everyone at Independent Lives would like to extend their warmest congratulations to Claire, her mum Jenny and her brothers Richard and John.