We are delighted to announce that West Sussex County Council is continuing to commission our user-led organisation to deliver services and support on managing Direct Payments for West Sussex residents.

Chief Executive Rebecca Smicle comments;

This is our eighteenth year of supporting people with Direct Payments. It’s great that our council has chosen to support a local charity led by disabled people to deliver this important service!

Coming soon…

Peer-support group and online forum for people with Direct Payments

Come along to a friendly group where you can share your experiences of receiving a Direct Payment, ask questions from other people managing Personal Assistants, and meet Independent Lives staff, or visit the online forum on Facebook.

New opening hours

8am-5pm Monday to Friday.

We are always available if you need to book an appointment with a Direct Payment Adviser outside of these hours. We can visit you in your own home if you are starting out with Direct Payments or have a technical issue relating to employing Personal Assistants.

Buddy scheme

People who have experience of managing Direct Payments and Personal Assistants can buddy with you.

Pre-paid cards

Support for people using Pre-Paid cards.