IPR Justice has launched two surveys aimed at gathering evidence of how the remote replacements to face-to-face appeal hearings are working.

As part of the project, IPR Justice has launched two surveys aimed at gathering evidence of how the new ways the remote replacements to face to face appeal hearings are working.

Lindsey Poole Director of the Advice Services Alliance outlined:

'Welfare rights charity Islington People's Rights (IPR) is carrying out some research about Disabled people and welfare benefits tribunals.

Tribunals held by phone or video conferencing technology are here to stay, so the research aims to find out how to make them work best for Disabled people, in order to make recommendations to government and spread best practice amongst advisers.'   

IPR have launched two short online surveys, one for people challenging welfare benefits decisions through the First Tier Tribunal, and one for the advisers, who support them.  

Disabled people who have taken part in a First Tier Tribunal during 2021, whether it was held remotely or in person, and whether or not they had representation, can fill in this survey, here.

Advisers who have supported one or more disabled people at a First Tier Tribunal can complete the survey, here.

For more information about the project, visit the IPR information page here.