The Department of Health and Social Care have updated their COVID-19 testing policy for eligible personal assistants in England.

Following their review of testing for personal assistants and consultation with the sector, the Department of Health and Social Care have announced that testing for personal assistants has moved to:

  • twice weekly rapid Lateral Flow Testing (LFT), with confirmatory PCR tests for a positive test

If a personal assistant tests positive with an LFT they must:

  • immediately isolate
  • order a confirmatory PCR test
  • inform their employer

Personal assistants can order rapid lateral flow test kits from the dedicated Government page.

There's a handy instructional video below which explains how to effectively use the lateral flow test kits.

All lateral flow test results (including positives, negatives and voids) must be registered for reporting purposes.

Personal assistants should stop ordering PCR tests unless they require a PCR for a confirmatory test. If there are PCR tests left over from previous orders, they can be stored until their expiry date and used if a confirmatory test is required following a positive LFT.

If you have further questions, the Department of Health and Social Care are running a series of webinars in which you can discuss your concerns.

The webinars will last 1 hour and give detailed information about all aspects of testing, including:

  • The ordering, conducting and registering of rapid lateral flow tests
  • Results and next steps
  • General updates and information
  • Support and Resources

The session will also include a Q&A with representatives from the personal assistant testing team, who will be able to answer your questions and address any concerns in the session.

You can sign up for the webinars here.