Independent Lives Involvement Network

Since the Pandemic started, we’ve had a number of calls from customers asking if there’s a forum available for them to speak to other Independent Lives customers, to share views, ask questions or just have a chat.

The Independent Lives Involvement Network is a closed Facebook group, which is solely for our customers.

The group has nearly 150 members and there’s new content posted regularly.

If you’d like to join, please email our Marketing, Communications and Engagement team who will send you a link to join the group.

You can contact them by emailing [email protected]

The Rough Guide to Accessible Britain

As many of us are starting to go outside again after months inside, the Rough Guide to Accessible Britain has published a new edition.

In this edition, there is much more guidance to assist carers and people with hidden disabilities and it has over 200 in-depth reviews including Tate Modern, Bletchley Park, The Eden Project, The National Space Centre, and Cadbury World.

All the existing reviews were updated and refreshed pre-pandemic.

Over 85 attractions and ideas featured in the Guide are outdoors, including nine scenic drives.

To download the free guide, please click here.

Disabled Motoring UK Baywatch Survey

A long-standing issue for many disabled motorists is not being able to park in disabled bays as they are all occupied with cars that are not displaying a blue badge.

Disabled Motoring UK’s Baywatch campaign seeks to solve this problem. The campaign researches the level of disabled parking bay abuse at supermarkets, by asking disabled motorists to survey their local supermarket car park.

Specifically, they ask people to count how many disabled bays are provided and how many cars that are parked in them aren’t displaying a Blue Badge.

For this year, participants can complete the survey without leaving their home.

Individuals will be asked to think back over the last 12 months to consider their general parking experience and answer some questions about their experience at supermarkets and on their everyday journeys.

To access the survey, please click here.

Printable resources for Social Distancing & Face Covering Exemption

Social Distancing changes, like new queuing systems in shops, have made it harder for many disabled people to navigate previously familiar places.

As an optional solution, sight loss charity RNIB has worked with the Cabinet Office to create some printable resources intended to be used by anyone who finds it difficult to socially distance or who is anxious about people getting too close to them.

The design is a circle with a person in the centre, with two arrows pointing out to either side to indicate space.

It has the words ‘Please give me space’ in big, clear, letters so it can be seen from a distance.

This expression was chosen because it clearly explains what is needed from other people, without the need for the wearer disclose their impairments.

You can download the Social Distancing resources from the GOV.UK by clicking here.

The Government has also created resources for those who are exempt from wearing a face covering.

You can access these by clicking here.