A message from Sussex Police

Sussex police want to inform the general public about community groups on social media sites.

They’re concerned that some these groups are used to circulate information around policing which can be inaccurate.

Due to the reach of social media sites and the amount of these groups, the Police are unable to join all of them and clarify all the information that is shared.

Sussex Police have launched an online poll asking residents to share where they hear policing news. The results from this poll will help Sussex Police understand the places this information is being shared how prevalent it is.

To access the poll, please click here.

Access to Work funding videos

Have you ever wanted to apply for Access to Work funding but wasn’t sure how to apply?

If you’ve never heard of Access to Work funding, it can be used to pay for things you need to assist you in your job if you are disabled.

Examples are taxi fares to and from work, adaptions and counselling.

West Sussex County Council has produced a series of videos that explain how to apply for the funding.

The videos are a step by step guide to completing the Access to Work application process as well as tips about working when you have a disability.

To view the videos, please click here.

Hate Crime Reporting Centres

It is widely accepted that hate crimes are under reported. Not all victims are comfortable with reporting their experiences directly to the police.

Disabled people are particularly affected as the latest police figures show a 33 per cent increase in disability hate crime across England and Wales in 2017-18 compared to 2016-17.

Thirty-two of the 43 police forces recorded a total of 5,342 disability hate crimes in 2017-18, compared to 4,005 offences the previous year.

Third Party Reporting Centres provide an alternative to directly reporting to the police, without which a number of hate incidents and crimes would never be reported or recorded.

To view a list of all Third Party Reporting Centres in Hampshire, please click here

To report a hate crime within West Sussex please contact HISS by clicking here

Support for Carers

Carers Support West Sussex has created a survey in order to understand how they can improve their engagement, reach more customers and change more people’s lives.

Carers Support West Sussex is an independent charity, working in close partnership with West Sussex County Council and the NHS, to identify and offer support to unpaid family and friend carers across the county.

They are planning to launch a campaign to residents in West Sussex and this survey will help them to plan the campaign so it reaches as many people as possible.

The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete and closes on 30 August.

To access and complete the survey, please click here

Carers within Hampshire who are looking for support can visit the organisation Carers Together.

Carers Together provide free information and advice, training for carers and professionals and support and advocacy services.

To find out more about Carers Together, please click here.

Upcoming Community Events

Here at Independent Lives, we regularly run events and workshops for those in receipt of Direct Payments.

If you’ve only just started receiving Direct Payments and you’re thinking about using them to employ your own staff, our ‘How to be an effective employer’ workshops are an excellent starting point.

The workshop will help you to understand what your responsibilities are as an employer, how to successfully recruit support staff and how to deal with staff management.

We run these workshops regularly across West Sussex and Hampshire.

To find out more about the West Sussex effective employer workshops, please click here.

To find out more about the Hampshire effective employer workshops, please click here*

*Please note the June 12 event in Andover has been cancelled.

We also are pleased to announce a new support group for West Sussex Direct Payment customers.

The support group aims to allow you to share information ideas with other Direct Payment users and to help increase your confidence and knowledge around Direct Payments.

To find out more about the support group, please click here.