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Important changes to the Employment Rights Act 1996, affecting payslip information, came into force on 6 April 2019

There are already existing laws around payslips, these include that payslips must be delivered on or before the employees’ payday.

However Employers must now provide an itemised payslip for anyone who has a contract of employment, including variable hours, zero hours, as well as fixed contracts. This should include the total number of hours worked where the pay varies according to the hours worked.

What does this mean:-

  • Where this applies, the number of hours paid for on this basis (i.e. on the amount of time worked) must be shown.
  • Any other hours do not need to be shown (although of course they can be shown if it would be helpful to do so).
  • The hours can be broken down into separate figures for different types of work or different rates of pay.
  • For example, where a worker has a fixed salary each month, and works variable overtime with additional pay at an hourly rate, only the hours of overtime need to be shown as hours, the fixed salary will still be shown as normal.
  • It should be clear which pay period they have worked in.

Please be aware that a worker who thinks that they have not received a payslip, or that the payslip they have received lacks the required information, may bring a claim before an Employment Tribunal.

If you have any questions about this information and how it affects you, please call our Information and Advice team on 01903 219482 ext 301 or email us at [email protected]

Motability customers can now lease wheelchairs

New customers who lease vehicles through the Motability scheme can now also lease lightweight wheelchairs for an upfront cost of £100. Ideal for those who may need support once they’ve reached their destination.

The Wheelchair is provided on a lease basis, just like any other vehicle on the Motability scheme. However, unlike your car, there are no monthly payments and no additional money is taken from your mobility allowance.

Currently, there are two lightweight wheelchairs to choose from. One for wheelchair users who self-propel and another for those who need assistance propelling.

The wheelchairs are designed to enable wheelchairs users to avoid the hassle of dismantling and stowing their main wheelchair when going out and about.

To find out more about the Motability wheelchair lease scheme, please click here.

What would you do to improve local health services?

With growing pressure on the NHS – people living longer, more people living with long-term conditions, and lifestyle choices affecting people’s health – changes are needed to make sure everybody gets the support they need.

The NHS has produced a ten-year plan, setting out all of the things it wants health services to do better for people across the country. Now your local NHS needs to hear from you about what those changes should look like in your community.

Your views matter

The Long Term Plan sets out what the NHS wants to do better, including:

  • Making it easier for people to access support closer to home and via technology
  • Doing more to help people stay well
  • Providing better support for people with cancer, mental health conditions, heart and lung diseases, long-term conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis, learning disabilities and autism, and for people as they get older and experience conditions such as dementia
  • Your local NHS needs to hear from you about what it should do to make care better for your community

Share your views and help make care better:

NHS England Personal Budget Survey

As part of its plan to increase personal health budgets to 200,000 people by 2023/24, the NHS are looking for feedback from current or past integrated personal budget, personal health budget and personal wheelchair budget users.

NHS England will use the survey findings to understand progress, and to prioritise their work to support local and national quality improvement.

Relatives, carers or friends can fill in the questionnaire on your behalf.

The questionnaire should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

To access the survey please click here.

To find out more about the plans to extend PHB’s please click here.

To find out more about PHB’s please click here.