Flu vaccination scheme for personal assistants

All frontline health and social care workers should get the winter flu vaccination - including all Personal Assistants (PAs).

For the first time, this year, PAs will be able to access the vaccine free of charge from GPs and community pharmacies, via the NHS Complementary Scheme.

This vaccination is available now (local availability may vary).

To access the scheme, PAs will simply need to attend a GP surgery or community pharmacy and identify themselves as a PA.

However, we are aware that individuals have been asked to provide proof in the past, and therefore there is a letter available which can be used for identification.

The process for PAs to access the flu vaccination, is as follows:

  1. Print the letter available by clicking here
  2. The direct payment holder, as employer, will fill out this letter to prove they employ the PA. Once the PA has this, this will act as their ‘letter of entitlement’ for the vaccination.
  3. They will then need to visit their local GP or community pharmacist, who will be able to give them the flu vaccination. If they need to prove their entitlement, they can use the letter of entitlement and a copy of this guidance.
  4. The vaccination will then be given to them, free of charge.

Have you got a Compass Card?

Around 34% of eligible 0 to 25-year olds in West Sussex already have a Compass Card, but there are many more who could enjoy the benefits.

Funded by West Sussex County Council and run by Sussex charity Amaze, the free card provides discounts at more than 300 leisure venues across Sussex, as well as providing access to free Compass Days for the whole family, regular special deals and a fortnightly newsletter.

Watch a short video about the Compass Card by clicking here.

Find out more by visiting www.compasscard.org.uk

What counts as Disability Related Expenses?

When starting out on a Direct Payment, your Local Authority will give you a financial assessment to see how much they will ask you to pay towards your care. This is called the Client Contribution.

In order to reduce the amount you have to pay for your care your Local Authority should take into account any Disability Related Expenses (DRE) you have, which they should disregard as available income, thus reducing the amount they ask you to pay.

Disability Related Expenses are any extra costs linked to any disability you have.

You should make sure that when you have your financial assessment, you have a detailed list of all the DRE you have, so your contribution is as cost saving as possible.

For more Information on Disability Related Expenditure, please visit our website by clicking here.

New national restrictions from 05 November.

And finally, a reminder that England is due to enter another national lockdown from tomorrow at midnight.

The government has added information about this to their website, which you can view by clicking here.

The new measures are expected to last until Wednesday 02 December.