What is Payroll Plus?

Payroll Plus provides individuals in receipt of Direct Payments a suite of support to employ and manage Personal Assistants.

By signing up to our Payroll service you can also buy the below additional support services:

How does it work?

You will need to sign-up for the Payroll Service and then you can add Information and Advice, and the Banking Administration. Please see below for prices and options.

If you fund your own care and support 

You can buy Payroll Plus to make the process of finding, recruiting, managing and paying your support staff easier.

If you receive a Direct Payment and live outside of West Sussex and Croydon

Check with your social worker if there is already a Direct Payment support provider in your area.

If there is no provider in your area then we can help. Use the form to sign up.

If you live in West Sussex or Croydon and receive a Direct Payment

Please speak to your social worker.

Want to know more about Payroll Plus?

Please call our Information & Advice Team on 01903 219 482 ext 301 or email [email protected]

We are here to help.

How much does the Service cost?*

 Payroll  4 weekly £29.00 / monthly £29.00
 If you purchase our payroll you can also buy any of the following:
 Banking admin Service  4 weekly £39.80 / monthly £43.11
Information, advice and support on employing PAs If you are funded by Social Services (Personal Budget) or a self-funder
 4 weekly £24.00 / monthly £26.00
 If you are funded by the NHS (Personal Health Budget)
 4 weekly £60.92 / monthly £66.00
 plus an initial upfront payment of £450.00**

* Minimum sign up for one year (if your Direct Payment funding ends please let us know)

** If you have a Personal Health Budget the level of support required is generally higher, this is why we request an initial payment and the monthly charge is different.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Apply for Payroll Plus now

We have also produced a leaflet outlining this information.