Job Title: Personal Assistant/Carer
Location: Crystal Palace, Croydon
Hourly rate: £10
Reference: AH354
Hours/shifts: 13 hours per week, overtime available, must be flexible to fit in with medical appointments but flexibility will be given also. To be discussed at interview.

I’m a friendly person and I like to chat and laugh. I enjoy music and watching documentaries on television. I used to be a special effects designer and I am an artistic person. A carer who shares similar interests and has a good sense of humour would be ideal.
This role is to assist me with domestic tasks around the home and daily living tasks. I like to keep a clean and tidy home - I have allergies so this is important to my health and wellbeing. I may need support with some personal care tasks depending on my health that day but this isn’t the norm for me currently.
Most important to this role is to accompany and assist me attending my medical appointments, I hope to access the community when my health will allow and to accompany me when doing this would be required also.

Other Requirements:

All applicants must be willing to undertake an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service check
Successful applicants will be entitled to Holiday pay and will be issued employment contracts.

Description - Typical duties
Laundry - Un/loading washing machine, hanging to dry, folding and putting away.
Bed making.
Changing bed clothes.
Taking out rubbish.
General housework - including cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, mopping.
Cleaning of kitchen and bathroom.
Washing up.
Assist with online shopping and putting away when delivered.
Correspondence - bringing in the post from mail box, reading letters, help writing replies, form-filling, helping to pay bills and other household paperwork.
Making phone calls on my behalf when I am too unwell to do this.
Topping up the utility bills card at the local shop, across the road.
Batch cooking and portioning.
Preparing drinks, snacks and meals.
Making tea for the employer's guests.
Minor household maintenance - changing light bulbs, taking down curtains for washing etc.
Collecting prescriptions from chemist - about once a month.

Personal Care:
Helping me into/out of the bath.
Washing my back.
Be on call when I’m in the bath.
Dressing and undressing (if needed) - helping with buttons and fastenings.
Washing and brushing hair.
Assistance with applying medicated creams.
Assistance with medication - helping to take tablets from foil/packets/dosset box/blister packs.
Getting in and out of the wheelchair ('transferring').
Help on and off with outside shoes - when leaving the house.

Accompany and assist getting to and from medical and hospital appointments.
Accompany me in the taxi to appointments.
Lifting the folding wheelchair in/out of car.
On occasion and when I’m well enough – accompany me to shop across the road.
A goal and hope for the future - to accompany to local community centre, groups for disabled people, creative activities, art and design galleries, and visiting friends etc.

The above duties will involve pushing me in the manual wheelchair when out.


Be aware of signs of anaphylactic relation or be familiar with EpiPen (or willing to learn), be able to respond to this and administer EpiPen – employer does manage this themselves and can give guidance. Training and support will be given.
• Any other reasonable tasks requested.

Person specification
The successful applicant will be:
Honest and trustworthy
Good sense of humour
Respectful of the employer’s privacy and confidentiality
Reliable with good timekeeping
Able to both follow instructions and work on own initiative
Hygienic, tidy minded and well organised
Physically able to undertake the required duties
Patience and possess excellent interpersonal skills
Able to speak and read English to a reasonable standard
Legally permitted to work in the United Kingdom
Able to work at all times to high standards of Health & Safety

Previous experience preferred but this is not as essential as a kind and common sense approach to these roles.

Please note, if you are successful in your application for this position you will be employed directly by the individual employer and not Independent Lives