Job Title: Personal Assistant/Support worker
Location:   Crawley         
Hourly rate:    £10.00 ph    
Reference:  LR7010           
16 hrs per week
Monday 3 hrs -
Tuesday 2 hrs
Wednesday 2 hrs 
Thursday  5hrs –
Friday -3 hrs
Flexibility with hours applications welcome for all or some of the shifts please detail on your application form your availability.
•  I am a 23-year-old full time wheelchair user, with a number of both physical and mental health needs who is looking for a PA to support me I am looking for someone to help me to be able to live my life more independently and to provide me with the support I need to carry out everyday tasks, to access social and leisure opportunities and to attend medical appointments.
• I currently live on my own in a small ground floor flat which is unsuitable for my physical needs as I am unable to access the kitchen and getting around the rest of the flat can be a challenge.
• I have a very loving and lively young dog  who is currently undergoing training to become my assistance dog. He is a huge part of my life and we have lots of fun together.
• I attend a mental health service for three days a week and am receiving support to understand and manage my mental health and to develop my skills and resilience. This is very helpful for me and I am learning to manage my life well and to undertake many of the activities of any other 23-year-old.The nature of my conditions mean that some days my physical and mental health support needs are greater than others and I find that situations of stress or anxiety can have quite a significant impact on my ability to manage.
• One of my biggest passions is wheelchair rugby and I am part of a new team that trains once a week in Crawley. I do my best to get there every week as it helps me physically, mentally and socially. This has not always been possible as I have to rely on others for transport, so will be a real priority for me going forward.
• I am a friendly, sociable person with a caring nature. I love nothing more than laughing and seeing other people laugh (sometimes, stopping can be the problem!). I have various interests including; wheelchair rugby, craft activities, watching TV and films, playing video games and lots of other things. I LOVE COFFEE… there may be a lot of trips to coffee shops included in this job!
• I’m hoping for this to be a positive experience for both myself and the person I employ. I need efficient  and empathic support from someone with good organisation skills and a flexible approach but I also want it to be an enjoyable process. I have had difficulties trusting people in the past, so I need an honest and dependable PA with whom I can develop a positive and productive working relationship.
Other Requirements
• Must be comfortable with pets 
• Must have a UK driving licence 
• Must have access to own vehicle 
• Other :  
All applicants must be willing to undertake an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service check
Successful applicants will be entitled to Holiday pay and will be issued employment contracts.
Typical duties
Domestic -        
General domestic help around my home including:
Assistance with the laundry – washing, drying and putting away
Making my bed and changing my bed linen when needed
Putting shopping away and general tidying up
Taking out the rubbish and making sure that the floor space is clear so that I can get around in my wheelchair
Helping me to prepare drinks, snacks and meals
Annoying household tasks like changing lightbulbs, as the need arises!
Assisting me to take my dog for a walk
Personal Care: 
• To help me get ready for the day, including helping me make coffee and breakfast, being present in the flat when I have a shower, getting my clothes out of the drawers and wardrobe and helping me with the trickier bits of getting dressed – like putting my socks on.
• Assisting me to attend the gym and supporting me to exercise and access the equipment while I’m there.
• To help me at mealtimes with preparation, cooking of food and clearing up after my meals.
• Reminding me to take my medication when I’m not having such a good day.
• Supporting me to make telephone calls (or making them on my behalf on those days when this feels too much of a challenge for me) to make or confirm appointments, chase up services etc.
• Accompanying me on a range of trips and outings including on shopping trips (both food and clothes shopping) and to my regular doctors and hospital appointments
• Supporting me to access social and leisure activities and accompanying me when I just want to ‘go out’  This includes the gym, the cinema, my wheelchair rugby club and on visits to friends and family and occasionally might involve longer journeys, such as to wheelchair rugby matches in other towns.
• Engaging in leisure activities in my home such as craft activities and watching TV
• I will need a PA with access to their own car who is happy to lift my folding wheelchair into and out of the car and can occasionally push my wheelchair on those days when I need assistance

Person specification 
• The successful applicant will be:     
• Dog friendly
• Be patient, kind and caring with a good sense of humour and an adaptable approach and able to respond to my varying needs
• Have a high level of respect for my dignity, privacy and confidentiality with a confident and positive outlook
• Be reliable with an understanding of the importance of good time keeping and dependability
• Have a full UK driving licence and access to a  car  and be insured to convey me and my wheelchair.
• Be non judgemental and accepting of diverse needs with a good understanding of equalities issues.
• Able to work at all times to high standards of Health & Safety, to be fit and healthy enough to undertake physical tasks such as lifting my wheelchair in and out of the car and keeping the flat tidy
• Be able to speak and read English to a reasonable standard and legally permitted to work in the United Kingdom
Previous experience is preferred but this is not as essential as a positive and enthusiastic attitude combined with a kind and common-sense approach which is equally important.
Please note, if you are successful in your application for this position you will be employed directly by the individual employer and not Independent Lives