Location: Bognor Regis
Hourly rate: £9 weekdays £11.50 weekends
Reference: DP6130
8pm -9pm every night
1pm – 2pm Thursday
11am – 12pm Friday
8am - 9am Saturday and Sunday
1pm - 2pm Saturday and Sunday
Job share available


I am a 59 year old gentleman looking for support with all aspects of daily life. I have Secondary Progressive MS. This means that I am confined to a wheelchair and unable to walk. The MS has also affected my eyesight, I struggle to see things and my spatial awareness is poor. If I go out I need someone to describe what is coming up ahead of me and warn me of any hazards. I can pull myself up to a standing position but this exhausts me and I tire very quickly. I have a suprapubic catheter fitted and need help on a daily basis with catheter care. I am unable to transfer from my wheelchair and have a hoist in my downstairs bedroom and my wet room. I need someone to hoist me. The MS has affected my ability to think clearly and recall facts, I will need help and support with this.
My manual dexterity is poor, I struggle holding and manipulating things. I am able to feed myself but need my food cut up for me. I use a bowl and special cutlery.
Other Requirements

Non-smoker essential
All applicants must be willing to undertake an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service check
Successful applicants will be entitled to Holiday pay and will be issued employment contracts.

Typical duties

Domestic -
Laundry, hanging out to dry, ironing, putting away
Loading and unloading tumble dryer/washing line
Changing bed linen
Bed making
General cleaning of my toilet, wet room and bedroom which need to be cleaned daily as I have a catheter and am vulnerable to infections
Taking out rubbish
Preparing drinks, snacks and meals. It is very important that I drink plenty of fluids every day and I need to be prompted to do this.
Shopping if required
Correspondence e.g. reading letters, help writing replies, form-filling, assisting with household paperwork
Making phone calls on my behalf
Liaising with chemist and charter to ensure I have all the medicines and peristeen equipment at home when required
Washing up

Personal Care:
• Pushing my commode over the toilet for me
• Pushing my commode under the shower and pushing me into my room for drying and dressing
• I like to have a wet shave in the morning
• The wet room floor must be dried after my shower.
• Putting creams on my skin to keep it intact and healthy
• Putting cream on my tummy around the catheter tube
• Catheter care
• Personal care before and after peristeen which is administered by the District Nurse
• Hoisting onto and off the toilet
• Dressing and undressing
• Preparing my breakfast for me and leaving me a flask of tea and bottles of water, sometimes I may need a sandwich made for my lunch.
• Getting into bed using a hoist
• Assistance with getting out of bed using a hoist/banana board
• Help with dispensing tablets and other medication
• Helping with other aspects of personal care as required, for example assisting me to empty catheter bag.
• Mealtimes e.g. cutting up food, assistance to eat
• Physiotherapy exercises
• Before you go you must make sure that I have my lifeline on
• Accompany me when accessing social and leisure activities, including to scrabble games
• Accompanying me to doctors/hospital appointments when required
• Accompanying on trips out e.g. to the library or cinema
• Accompanying to social meetings eg friends, family

The successful applicant will be:
• Respectful of my privacy and confidentiality
• A holder of an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service check and aware of keeping themselves and me safe
• Reliable with good time-keeping
• Able to both follow instructions and work on own initiative
• Hygienic, tidy minded and well organised
• Fit and healthy to undertake the required duties
• Patience and possess excellent interpersonal skills
• Honest and cheerful
• Creative
• Able to speak and read English to a reasonable standard
• Legally permitted to work in the United Kingdom
• Able to work at all times to high standards of Health & Safety
Previous experience preferred but this is not as essential as a kind and common sense approach to these roles.