Where can I get PPE?

Direct payment employers and informal carers are eligible for free PPE until 31 March 2023. For more information, please click here.

West Sussex direct payment employers can order PPE by clicking here.

If you need any further information, please contact West Sussex County Council at [email protected]

Direct Payment employers in Croydon can submit a PPE request by emailing [email protected]

PPE Guidance

For guidance on wearing the correct PPE, please click here.

For guidance on managing hygiene, please click here.

For guidance on working safely in domiciliary care, please click here.

User fit testing of PPE

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure all staff who deliver aerosol generating procedures (AGP’s) are trained to wear appropriate PPE, and that it is appropriately fit tested.

FFP3 masks are recommended for use during AGP’s and require a fit test prior to use. Positive pressure hoods may also be used as an alternative and do not require a fit test.

If you need to you may apply for funding to cover the cost of this training for your personal assistants.

If your carers are employed by an agency, the agency is responsible for staff training.

For a list of approved fit testing trainers, please click here.

West Sussex customers can email [email protected] to request fit testing for PAs at their offices in Terminus Road in Chichester.  Once testing is complete, PAs will be issued with an initial supply of the relevant mask and a Fit Test Certificate which states the type of mask required. More masks can be ordered by emailing the West Sussex PPE team. 

To read government guidance on aerosol generating procedures please click here and refer to section 6.6.

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