I have been given a prepaid card but I want to manage my personal budget in a different way.

This guide relates to adult services and is for guidance only. If you need legal advice, please contact a legal service.

A prepaid card is not the only option available to you - contact your social worker to explore options available. One option may be receiving a Direct Payment.

Direct Payments and other budgeting options are available so that you have more control of how your social care budget is managed. If you are currently have a prepaid card, it is still possible to change how your personal budget is paid to you.

Would a prepaid card benefit me?

Prepaid cards are a good option for some people, for example if you have a poor credit rating or are unable to open a bank account. Another benefit of using a prepaid card is that it will record your transactions meaning you do not to send off receipts for your purchases to the Local Authority.

But please note: charges are applied when you use the card as a method of payment and the cost of the charges will be applied to your personal budget.

I need help with understanding the options available to me

If you have difficulty in understanding, retaining information, weighing up the information or communicating your wishes you may choose to work with an Advocate.

Finding an advocacy service