This summary contract is subject to and in accordance with the terms & conditions enclosed. All the terms used in this summary contract shall have the meaning attributed to them under the terms & conditions.

The signing of this summary contract and/or the delivery of the services by us to you means that you accept the terms and conditions and this summary contract.

Thank you for your interest in Independent Lives (Disability) Recruitment Solutions Services (Recruitment Solutions).

Recruitment Solutions enables you to avoid unexpected additional recruitment costs when you recruit Personal Assistants (PAs). Once you join the scheme you will pay a small weekly fee to cover our costs in providing you with the support you require.

You will benefit from our broad expertise in recruitment to help you recruit successfully. Our Recruitment Solutions service will provide:

  • Access to PA Pages a database of PAs, through which potential staff can usually be selected by you quickly and easily;
  • Adverts for your PA posts on our own website and other recruitment websites that we have found to be effective (Adverts can only be run for PA posts funded by Direct Payments)

Please read this summary contract alongside our standard terms and conditions. To start the service please complete the Recruitment Solutions summary contract form. By completing and submitting the Recruitment Solutions summary contract form, you are agreeing to this contract.

Our commitment to you - our Recruitment Solutions Service will:

  • provide you with access to the PA Pages and recruitment services once a fully completed and signed contract has been received;
  • contact you where necessary while you are waiting for your Direct Payment (DP) account to be set up to track the progress of the account;
  • send you quarterly statements;
  • set up your standing order when your DP account is “in pay” and request any backdated amount from your DP account
  • send a letter of confirmation for the start and finish of the service;
  • give you access to PA candidates in the PA Pages;
  • place each recruitment advert for up to four weeks on external recruitment websites;
  • send confirmations in relation to adverts placed and removed;
  • send you all PA applications during the recruitment process;
  • upon request provide help with arranging a suitable interview venue for you
  • handle your personal information in line with the Data Protection Act (1998).

Your commitment to us - You agree to:

  • pay a weekly standing order amount;
  • subscribe to the service for a minimum of 12 months; If you wish to leave the service after this, please contact Independent Lives;
  • After doing this you also need to cancel the standing order with your bank, Independent Lives (Disability) cannot do this on your behalf;
  • If you need the service while your Direct Payment is being set up you can use the service for up to 3 months. If after this time your Direct Payment has still not started then the service will be suspended until the local authority confirms the Direct Payment will go ahead. When the Direct Payment
    starts you will pay for the service used.
  • keep username and passwords details secure and confidential, and that you will not disclose them to any third party. We reserve the right to disable any user identification or password at any time, or cease the provision of any services, if, in our opinion, you have failed to comply with these terms;
  • not share username and passwords with any third party;
  • inform us if any usernames or password records are lost or stolen;
  • treat any PA details as confidential and keep them securely;
  • confidentially destroy all PA applications and any related documents/ information when employment does not commence;
  • confidentially store and retain PA applications and related documents/information during recruitment and employment;
  • advise us of any change of your bank details;
  • not misuse our websites by knowingly introducing viruses, Trojans, worms, logic bombs or other material which is malicious or technologically harmful;

You acknowledge that:

  • PAs in PA Pages are not DBS checked and that we recommend you DBS check every PA you choose to employ before recruiting. If you require a PA to be DBS checked, it is your responsibility to ensure that a PA is compliant with the necessary statutory provisions;
  • PAs in PA Pages are not vetted or assessed for suitability for particular roles;
  • PAs are not referenced and that we recommend you seek references from every PA you chose to employ, including their identity and work status;
  • using PA Pages does not mean the PAs are recommended by us;
  • using Recruitment Solutions does not guarantee that a suitable PA will necessarily be found;
  • a decision as to a PAs suitability is made only by you;
  • we cannot make any recruitment/employment decisions on your behalf;
  • you are the direct employer of any PA and are responsible for all aspects of their employment. This includes carrying out risk assessments and arranging work patterns;
  • you must issue offer letters and legally binding employment contracts;
  • any working arrangements made through the PA pages must be legal;
  • you must honour contracted obligations regarding employed PAs e.g. reasonable notice regarding changes to working hours;
  • you must supply all interview details including your name, address of venue and time to all PA candidates;
  • we are unable to reimburse travel or venue expenses;
  • we can only retain PA details for a limited time;
  • only customers of Recruitment Solutions can use PA Pages and our external recruitment services. If you choose to leave the Recruitment Solutions service you won’t have access to PA Pages or our external recruitment services;
  • not abiding by these rules will result in your membership being cancelled;

Please be aware that:

  • We may liaise with other Independent Lives (Disability) services as appropriate and/or to contact a relevant local authority officer if necessary;
  • We will invoice you the weekly fee for this service of £3.00.
  • Concerning Third Party Rights Act (1999): We have no contractual relationship with any person(s) providing care services to you. Any disputes between you and providers of services that are not related to Independent Lives (Disability). Payroll Services must be resolved in the manner determined between you and that provider.

Concerning Data Protection Act (1998): By signing this contract you accept our confidentiality terms, as follows:

  • Personal information that you give to us will be kept safe and used according to data protection rules
    To work effectively on your behalf your information may be accessed by any appropriate Independent Lives (Disability) employee
  • We work closely with Social Services / the NHS and we may need to share information about your situation with them
  • There may be times when we must disclose information to authorities such as the Police, e.g. if a vulnerable person is at risk.

Please read this summary contract above alongside our standard terms and conditions.

To start the service please complete the Recruitment Solutions summary contract form.

By completing and submitting the Recruitment Solutions summary contract form, you are agreeing to this contract.