If you or someone you know are injured, or are in immediate danger or you think a crime may have been committed call 999 Emergency Services.

To report abuse either against yourself or another person call:

  • 01243 642121 if you live in West Sussex

Abuse can come in many forms, and can come from anybody, including carers, friends, family  members, as well as strangers. Abuse can include, stealing, verbal abuse, psychological abuse,  financial abuse and unwanted sexual advances. If you feel you have been neglected by your carers, or you have not been given the care you need in your home, this is also abuse.

If you tell someone you think you have been abused, that person is required by law to report it to Social Services and/or other professionals, if you are in immediate harm, this may be the Police/Ambulance Services.

If you think someone is being abused you must do the same, even if they ask you not to.

If someone tells you they are being abused, take down details of the concern. Do not ask leading questions, such as ‘do you think?’…., just allow them to say what happened, and ask open questions, such as ‘what happened?’, if a prompt is needed.

Let them know you cannot keep the information to yourself and that you may have to pass it to professionals such as Social Services, who will be able to provide protection and support.