Independent Lives

Milton Keynes Centre for Integrated Living
MK CIL is an information centre which provides a very wide range of free and confidential information on any disability related issue for disabled people, their families, carers and anyone else with an interest in the field of disability. The aim of MK CIL is to inform and empower by giving information and support to significantly contribute to the lifestyle and independence of disabled people. Our service is friendly and is responsive to individual needs.

Parability is a user led organisation, founded by Chris Hall. Its aims are to promote and aim for a society of a united human race which was without any division when it came to equality, diversity and access. We aim to promote the principals and therefore actively encourage a society which operates based on good community values where we all help each other. We also believe everyone has their part to play in ensuring that they remain as independent and active as they can. As a result we aim, through sports, fitness and activity groups, to ensure the closure of any gaps in the market which prevent people having the opportunity to do this.

People Matter Isle of Wight
We are very new and currently setting up an Independent Living Centre as part of People Matter Isle of Wight. We are planning to open the Centre in August so the next few months are crucial for us to get out and meet as many organisations and sell ourselves as possible as well as recruiting volunteers.

Portsmouth Disability Forum
Portsmouth Disability Forum (PDF) is a User Led local non political lobbying and campaigning group recognized by Portsmouth City Council and the Primary Care Trust among many others as a consultative User Led disability group within Portsmouth.

Portsmouth Independent Living Network
PILN works to ensure people in Portsmouth have the best possible choices to live a full and independent life. They provide pathways for people with a disability and their families and carers who are striving to make and/or improve choices for independence, provide a forum for them to have a say in the planning and provision of health and social care services, and provide information and advice for current, former and potential users of health and social care services. PILN’s members have first hand experience of living with a disability, using health and social care services, or looking after someone.

Possability People
Possability People is a user-led organisation that promotes independent living for all. Possability People works towards equality by inspiring disabled people to identify barriers and define solutions. We provide advice and support services for disabled people living in Brighton and Hove.

Recovery Partners
Recovery Partners is a mental health recovery project working across East Sussex. We are a non-profit organisation that is 100% user-led and run. We all have lived experience of mental health challenges and have been trained as Peer Support Specialists to empower others in wellbeing, respect, recovery, hope and inspiration. We offer services to individuals and groups.