Service User and Carer Organisation (SUCO)
SUCO is created and led by disabled people and carers. Its aim is to campaign for better services for service users and carers locally and to represent their views and concerns. In particular it is focused on influencing the design and delivery of Adult Social Care Services and on recruiting and supporting people to do this. SUCO works to the Social Model of Disability, which says that disability is caused by the way society is organised, rather than by a person’s impairment or difference. The Social Model of Disability looks at ways of removing barriers so disabled people can be independent and equal in society, with choice and control over their own lives.

Spectrum Centre for Independent Living
SCIL is an organisation of Disabled People firmly rooted in the British and international Disability Movement, the guiding principle being that disability issues are human rights issues. We work to the Social Model of Disability, are a non-profit making Community Interest Company (CIC); have a membership comprising ‘full members’ (Disabled People) and ‘associate members’ (non-Disabled allies); and operate a committee structure fully accountable to our membership. We are committed to the principle of equality of opportunity for all people, recognising that people are oppressed and can experience discrimination on the grounds of class, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual identity, as well as impairment. The Centre is run by and for disabled people to promote the meaningful inclusion of disabled people into the community. By ‘Disabled People’ we refer to people with a physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological, emotional, or any other hidden impairment. We therefore include people with learning difficulties, system survivors, cancer survivors and those living with HIV/AIDS. We see our roles as providing ‘user led’ services and campaigning for the rights of disabled people.

Support Horizons
Support Horizons is a community owned, user-led social enterprise providing social care. Support Horizons work with people across Berkshire to help them live the lives they choose. Support Horizons offer creative and flexible support that's as varied as the many people that use it. From a few hours per week, to 24 hours a day, they can provide support that's designed by you, to meet the needs of your life. Support Horizons work closely with local authorities and community, which helps them let you know what's out there - whether it's the support you need to live independently, help to do your shopping or start a new hobby, they can help. Whatever your needs, and your budget, Support Horizons will work with you to help you find the most suitable support. They can help you select your staff, plan your support schedule and help you come up with ideas of how to get the most from your budget. We aim to provide flexibility - so you can make changes and make sure your support enhances your life, not limits it.

Surrey Coalition of Disabled People
The Surrey Coalition is run and managed by disabled people for disabled people. The aim of Surrey Coalition of Disabled People is to campaign and promote the rights of disabled people to have equality of opportunity and to live independently.

Surrey Disabled People’s Partnership
Surrey Disabled People’s Partnership is controlled by disabled people. With the aim to promote, enable and increase disabled people’s involvement in all aspects of the community. Main aims are to empower disabled people, to campaign for equality and to improve local services. The Social Model of disability is a guiding philosophy for Surrey Disabled People's Partnership and the organisation is fully committed to these concepts. SDPP sincerely believe that the Social Model has changed the lives of many disabled people and the attitudes of many others.

Surrey Independent Living Council
Surrey Independent Living Council (SILC) is a non-profit-making voluntary sector organisation run by and for disabled people. SILC are primarily funded by, and work in close partnership with, Surrey County Council. SILC helps disabled people, and others who use or want to use Direct Payments, to live independently and to arrange the support and services they require.

Take Off
We are an independent registered charity which aims to give a voice to users of mental health services, to make community care work, to help to shape mental health services into as comprehensive and socially useful a service as possible, & to educate the public in, and promote awareness of, mental health problems.

The Oxfordshire Wheel
The Oxfordshire Wheel is a collaborative user-led organisation, led by and representing disabled people and other users of support services, including carers. It supports the delivery of the Putting People First agenda in Oxfordshire, giving choice and control to users of support services. Our aim is to improve existing services and develop new ones, emphasising collaboration with other local organisations to achieve a high quality of life for people with disabilities, and support and promote independent living. The Oxfordshire Wheel will be competing with other service providers in the new business model for social care provision, and is committed to sound business principles. Our key priorities are to create a sustainable infrastructure, to build a wide membership base and to develop a range of service provision in order to establish a successful and viable organisation. The Oxfordshire Wheel has set up sound governance arrangements which reflect its principles, and will put processes in place to monitor and review its operations.

United Voices
United Voices is a charity that is led by its members. Members are all people with learning difficulties who live in East Berkshire. United Voices provide independent advocacy services to members and others, throughout East Berkshire by the provision of an advocacy service that empowers and enables them to make independent decisions that improve the quality of their lives. In addition to the member led services, United Voices also provides a Citizen’s Advocacy service, in which the trained advocate develops a one to one relationship with a client in order to resolve a particular issue or problem.

Unlimited Oxfordshire
Unlimited Oxfordshire is focused on "Opening Doors and Widening Horizons" for people with physical and sensory disabilities, to enable us all to have the same opportunities as other residents, to enjoy social events and activities. Together we can help to bring awareness to the community and educate them on the changes needed to allow easier access for us all.

West Berkshire Independent Living Network
West Berkshire Independent Living Network is controlled by service users and carers. WBILN aims to deliver care and support services, stand alone, in partnership with other voluntary sector organisations, and / or in co-production with statutory bodies (e.g. West Berkshire Council) to local residents requiring such service. We also aim to promote independence and community involvement, and help people affected by disabilities lead fulfilled lives and meet their aspirations.

Winchester Area Access for All (WAAFA)
WAAFA is a forum in which problems encountered by people with disabilities in accessing premises, public spaces and other facilities in and around Winchester can be highlighted and brought to the attention of appropriate organisations or authorities.