Job Title: Support Worker

Location:  Haywards Heath          

Hourly rate: £9-9.50 per hour       

Reference: DP4681            

Hours/shifts: Typical hours = 07.15-09.45 & 15.00-19.30 weekdays with varying hours in school holidays and evening babysitting. 


  • Part Time Carer/Carers needed for a 10 year old disabled child with complex epilepsy needing 1to1 care 24/7 in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.
  • Special needs or nursing background, candidates should have experience of dealing with daily seizures and performing personal care tasks for a child.
  • You must be reliable, flexible & hard working.
  • Daily tasks include preparing medicines, administering PEG feeds & feeding orally, changing pads, washing, dressing, as well as escorting child to and from Chailey Heritage School in client's own Wheelchair Accessible van.
  • The role would include accompanying child & parent on regular trips to hospitals for outpatient appointments and occasional admittances by ambulance as well as collecting medicines from local pharmacy.
  • Tasks also include messy play, play therapy and taking child out on trips. Candidate must be good with children (Child has 2 siblings ages 5 and 12 years) and happy to work in a home with a loving Labrador. 
  • Good rates of pay.
  • Great experience for student nurse or anyone interested in working with complex SEND.

Other Requirements


  • Must have a UK driving licence


All applicants must be willing to undertake an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service check

Successful applicants will be entitled to Holiday pay and will be issued employment contracts.


Typical duties

Domestic -      

Change Sam’s bed linen when soiled or wet.

Wash up children’s breakfast/dinner pots & load/empty dishwasher.

Ironing; only when he’s asleep after seizures.

Tidy toys away at the end of shifts.

Clean equipment (routinely wipe trays and chairs, wash covers).

Community living tasks:

Collect medicines and thickener from local Pharmacy, as required.

Accompany Sam to park, town centre or local shop in holidays or non-school time (NB: Midazolam & diary. If out for more than an hour, take Change bag with thickened drink and snack + bib, wipes and nappies &  RADAR key).

Swimming - during school holidays (NB: Midazolam, diary, Blue Badge and change bag etc).

Evening babysitting (on occasion.  Always use monitors and regularly check for seizure activity, nappy leaks, vomit / temperature etc.).



Medical tasks:

Prepare and administer daily medication (Orally – use thickener/ Via Nasal Gastric Tube – always test with PH paper first and flush with 20mls water afterwards.)

Administer PRN medicines such as Paracetamol and Ibuprufen (always follow instructions on packaging).  Record time given in diary.

Follow emergency seizure protocol (see Hospital Passport), swipe VNS Magnet, set timer and record seizure.  Prolonged seizures will require emergency medication to be given and possibly accompanying Sam to hospital.

NG Tube feeds – Always check position first and flush afterwards. Give 150mls per meal and 100mls per snack, always run over a rate of one hour.

NG Tube care includes washing syringes and boxes, topping up cooled, boiled water bottles,  topping up stocks in NG Tube kit bags.

Check and monitor stock and deliveries of milk and equipment for NG feeds.

Check medicine dates regularly to ensure no out of date medicines kept.

Accompany Sam to and from some medical appointments (confidentiality important). NB: Blue Badge, change bag + thickened drink and snack, RADAR key, Diary and pen and paper for notes.

Person specification

The successful applicant will be: 

 Respectful of the employer’s privacy and confidentiality

  • Reliable with good time-keeping
  • Able to both follow instructions and work on own initiative
  • Hygienic, tidy minded and well organised
  • Fit and healthy to undertake the required duties
  • Patience and possess excellent interpersonal skills
  • Honest and cheerful
  • Creative
  • Able to speak and read English to a reasonable standard
  • Legally permitted to work in the United Kingdom
  • Able to work at all times to high standards of Health & Safety

Previous experience preferred but this is not as essential as a kind and common sense approach to these roles.