Reviews of Health and Social Care training

"I found all bases of the course very useful."

"I wasn't sure what was expected of me until I did this course, now I do."

"Lovely teacher and fantastic, useful information."

"I am now knowledgeable about "best practices" so that I can be informed and also question care plans at necessary times."

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Reviews of our clinical training

'I feel so much more professional as an employer and at last I feel I am doing the right thing for my team.

After 2 years of battling away getting nowhere… Seeking help to set up a training plan for my team they have made it happen for me! The team are really personable; they listen to the needs and have been so responsive in finding options that work for us.' 

"I was made to feel comfortable with the accessor. Learning materials I was given were clear and additional video links were useful. The assessment was made not stressful and time was allowed for all areas of competency to be carried out."

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