Everyone over the age of 21 is now eligible to book a vaccination through the national booking link. We recommend that informal carers register with their GP as a carer to ensure they receive any relevant information and invitations for any future vaccinations.

Self-referral for social care worker vaccination, including personal assistants

Healthcare workers and community based social care workers (including personal assistants) were eligible in priority group 2 to receive their COVID-19 vaccination. If personal assistants have not yet received a vaccine, they can book this through their GP or the national booking site below:

Book or manage your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination.

Employment law advice and guidance have helpfully been published by ILG Support and Fish Insurance:

Testing for eligible personal assistants

Testing for personal assistants has moved to:

  • twice weekly rapid lateral flow testing , with confirmatory PCR tests for a positive test

If a personal assistant tests positive with a lateral flow test they must:

  • immediately isolate
  • order a confirmatory PCR test
  • inform their employer

Personal assistants can order rapid lateral flow test kits , tests can be ordered every 24 hours and each kit contains 7 tests

Please ensure that before using rapid lateral flow tests, all personal assistants watch this instructional video.

All lateral flow test results (including positives, negatives, and voids) must be registered at: https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result 

Personal assistants should stop ordering PCR tests unless they require a PCR for a confirmatory test. If they have PCR tests left over from previous orders, they can be stored until their expiry date and used if a confirmatory test is required following a positive lateral flow test.

Flowcharts explaining when your staff can return to work following a COVID-19 test

Public Health England have released flowcharts showing the process that your employee must follow in the event that they take a COVID-19 Test. These are below:

Asymptomatic Worker: Flowchart describing return to work following a COVID test

Symptomatic Worker: Flowchart describing return to work following a COVID test

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