West Sussex County Council continues to face a challenging financial situation and increasing demand for adult social care. This means they are reviewing the level of contribution that people will have to pay for their services.

People who receive council-funded social care support in the community are financially assessed to decide how much they need to pay towards the cost of their care. This is called their 'contribution'.

What are the proposed changes to the Minimum Income Guarantee?

The proposal is that the Minimum Income Guarantee for working-age adults in West Sussex is brought in line with the nationally set minimum amount as already applied to older people in West Sussex.

This is equivalent to income support plus 25%. For example, if income support is £100 then an additional £25 will be allowed, making a total of £125 before a contribution is charged by the County Council.

How could this affect you?

This change will mean that working-age adults will have to contribute more to the cost of their care. Individuals would be charged an additional £275 per year towards their care costs and £420 for couples.

When are the proposed changes happening?

The proposal is for the changes to take place from April 2019.

Note: the above figures are for illustration only. They are not levels of income support.