People who receive council-funded social care support in the community are financially assessed to decide how much they need to pay towards the cost of their care. This is called their 'contribution'.

West Sussex County Council must ensure that people have an amount of money to cover their day-to-day living costs. This amount is known as the Minimum Income Guarantee. People's contribution towards the cost of their care cannot reduce their income to below this guaranteed level.

West Sussex County Council has been applying the Minimum Income Guarantee at the Government-set minimum for older people, but has allowed a higher level for working-age adults i.e. people aged under 65 years.

Currently, in West Sussex the Minimum Income Guarantee for working-age adults is equivalent to income support plus an additional 30%.

For example, if income support is £100 then an additional £30 will be allowed, making a total of £130 before a contribution is charged by West Sussex County Council.

West Sussex County Council is proposing to change the additional amount allowed for working-age adults.

Read West Sussex County Council's information sheet on the Minimum Income Guarantee and the proposed changes.

Note: the above figures are for illustration only. They are not levels of income support.