Help Independent Lives to end social isolation for disabled people this winter. Support our campaign and Remember this December.

The image portrays a peaceful scene of an elderly person sitting in a wheelchair, gazing out of a large window that reveals a view of bare trees and a misty atmosphere, suggesting a cold or frosty day. The room is filled with a warm, natural light that casts soft shadows across the floor, creating a contemplative ambiance. On the windowsill, there are several small flowering plants, adding a splash of colour and life to the serene interior. The overall atmosphere is quiet and still, evoking a sense of solitude and reflection.

Help Independent Lives to end social isolation for disabled people this winter. Support our campaign and Remember this December.

Working together to change lives

Independent Lives is a user-led charity working to change the lives of disabled people, people with support needs and carers. Our vision is for a fair society where everyone can participate and has the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

PA Pages

Independent Lives operate a separate website devoted to the management of Direct Payments and the recruitment of personal assistants.

Friends of Independent Lives

Friends of Independent Lives is our free membership programme which aims to allow as many people as possible to help shape the services which we provide.


Independent Lives employs a diverse workforce across a variety of roles. We offer our staff great benefits and career progression opportunities.

Latest news

Accessible toilet sign with icons for male, female, and wheelchair users.

Nov 28 2023

Missing the mark: What a Government report reveals about accessible toilet access

It came to light recently that a Government report from 2020- 2021 into public support for the use of different types of public toilet provision produced some interesting results. One stood out: 2% of responses were ...
Close-up of courgette plant leaves and flowers with a burgeoning courgette, against a backdrop of potting containers filled with soil.

Sep 27 2023

Disabled gardeners’ triumph at 2023 Sompting in Bloom awards 

In a marvellous display of horticultural skill, a group of disabled gardeners triumphed in this year’s Sompting in Bloom awards, clinching first place in the Blooming Community category. Sompting in Bloom is a yearly gardening competition ...
An elderly man in a wheelchair and a woman wearing face masks while looking at a tablet together

Sep 19 2023

Government announces 2023 COVID-19 vaccination programme

As the weather turns colder, the Government is ramping up its COVID-19 vaccination programme for 2023. The Government has confirmed which groups will be entitled to an autumn COVID-19 booster. They are: Residents in care homes ...