Our strategy

The Independent Lives strategy has been carefully developed alongside people with lived experience. It ensures that we are able to support more people now and into the future and that we are able to create a society where we can all participate and fulfil our potential.

Our vision

Our vision is for a fair society where we can all participate and fulfil our potential.

Our mission

  • To support more people now and in the future through growth and efficiency.
  • To increase the number of skilled and empowered Direct Payment employers and personal assistants.
  • Raise awareness of disability, independent living and personalisation.
  • Increase independence through better care and support in our communities.
  • Support the social model of disability to break down barriers.
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Customer perspective

  • Maintain customer satisfaction levels above 80% in all services
  • Support customers and carers to tell their stories and hear from others - Increase community and online engagement by 100% each year
  • Promote outstanding quality reviewing feedback and audits based on safe, effective, responsive, caring and well-led.
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Financial perspective

  • Work more efficiently and grow income to £5million by 2025.
  • Improve our processes and systems to spend more time and money on what matters.
  • Generate new income streams to further invest in our communities.
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Operational perspective

Theme one

Increase the number skilled and empowered Direct Payment employers:

  • in West Sussex
  • in Croydon
  • in three new areas
  • through frame works and payroll plus
  • through information, advice and support

Increase the number of skilled and available personal assistants through increased:

  • structured networks
  • recruitment opportunities
  • training opportunities

Support the sector and innovation through:

  • micro provider support
  • Individual Service Funds
  • system leadership
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Operational perspective

Theme two

Increase independent living through:

  • community activities
  • carers respite support
  • hospital discharge home and safe
  • community care and support
  • reablement support

Work with West Sussex County Council and clinical commissioning groups to:

  • extend to new areas
  • deliver technology enabled care
  • develop pathways through voluntary sector support
  • work with other provider to jointly improve quality and provision
  • improve person centred care planning

Our values


At Independent Lives, we believe in integrity, accountability, and transparency. Our passion drives us to go above and beyond, delivering high quality, people led services which change lives.


We celebrate our differences and believe that embracing diversity makes us stronger. We want to create a world based on respect and understanding where every voice is heard.


We believe in the power of great ideas. We are unafraid to be bold or to ask why. Through forward thinking, creativity, and the freedom to express ourselves we can shape a better world.

Person centred

We believe in treating people with dignity, compassion, kindness, and respect. By valuing people's lived experiences and recognising their unique circumstances, we can be an organisation that really makes a difference.

Learning and growth

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Underpin all developments with the most efficient, effective, inclusive and mobile technology that will provide better support now and in the future.

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  • Recruit the best, diverse people to enable growth.
  • Reward and recognise with the Foundation Living Wage.
  • Retain with personal development and career pathways.
  • Develop and inclusive and innovative culture.
  • Engage to build a better future.
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Create physical and virtual spaces that are flexible and support individuals and teams to collaborate.