Banking and payroll

Independent Lives provides a range of banking and payroll support from highly trained staff which will enable you to live more independently.
Our staff are on hand to help you manage your Direct Payment bank accounts or to manage payroll for your personal assistants.

All the support we provide is designed to make life easier for you and to allow you to live independently.

“I’ve always found that this service takes any stress away regarding my financial obligations towards any employees and HMRC. The service has always been efficient and approachable.”
Payroll customer

A woman in a yellow cardigan using a laptop at a desk, seated in a wheelchair.

Banking administration service

We can support you with managing your Direct Payment bank account, allowing you increased control over your care and support.

Payroll service

We have a dedicated payroll team who can support you to manage the payroll for your personal assistants.

Payroll plus service

Payroll plus provides a suite of support that can be purchased from Independent Lives to employ and manage personal assistants.