close-up portrait of an elderly woman smiling warmly in a teal top
Di has been using the Independent Lives care service since 2018. We spoke to her about why she chose Independent Lives for her support, and what she likes most about her support.

I have used the Independent Lives care service for over 4 years now, and prior to joining I was using a different care provider for 6 years. I’m no stranger to the care sector.

I found Independent Lives after being referred by social services, because my then current provider wasn’t person-centred and didn’t support me in the way I would have liked. I didn’t have a say in how I received my care, and everything was dictated to me. In the end, they dropped my support out of the blue and I was left with nothing.

The difference in the quality of support I received when I joined Independent Lives was immediately obvious. Right from the beginning, I knew that Independent Lives were the best care provider I could ever hope to ask for.

The carers I have now are more like friends than carers. We always have a laugh and joke around, and everything I receive is completely person-centred. They go above and beyond in making sure that I have everything I need. They don’t just follow the care plan I have; they also do lots of other things without me even having to ask. They’re always thinking about exactly what I might want and need. For example, they’ll bring me a newspaper, or some treats for my dog Polly. It’s these little things that make a world of difference in making me feel cared for and respected as a customer.

I only have good things to say about the staff at Independent Lives. The past couple of years have been difficult for everyone, but especially so for carers and those working in social and health care services. The care I have received throughout the Covid pandemic hasn’t faltered for a second, and I take my hat off to the carers who continued to support me. My care has remained excellent, it’s always at a consistently high quality, which I can only applaud. I really can’t thank the staff enough for what they do for me, and for what they do for everyone else they support.

I’m sure Independent Lives will continue to provide the amazing service they always deliver. The care staff and office staff alike are incredible, and I genuinely wouldn’t change any aspect of my care. They are all stars, each and every one of them.

Independent Lives provides a range of care and support services aimed at allowing people to live independently while maintaining they dignity and respect. Click here to find out more about our care service.