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In an ambitious effort spanning the last twelve months, the Direct Payment team at Independent Lives has played a crucial role in enabling disabled people throughout West Sussex to benefit from the Government’s Household Support Fund.

The Household Support Fund scheme supports vulnerable households with the recent significant increase in cost-of-living. The Department of Work and Pensions provides funding through local authorities.

In a strategic move to ensure that disabled people are able to access this support, West Sussex County Council sought the assistance of Independent Lives. This collaboration aimed to significantly enhance the outreach and effectiveness of the Household Support Fund among disabled people who had a lower uptake in support compared to non-disabled people.

Thanks to the hard work and effort of the Direct Payment team, assistance was provided to 259 households within the disabled community in West Sussex, directing a total of £29,450 in support towards the impact of the cost-of-living on disabled people in West Sussex.

This significant achievement highlights the critical role of Independent Lives in the community while reinforcing the impact of targeted financial assistance during times of need.