J’s profile

Independent Lives received funding from Adur and Worthing Trust to develop a creative project to promote disability awareness and creativity within Adur and Worthing.

J is happiest when in the bathtub (including the sea), watching a movie or eating good food (cake!)

She can usually be found snoozing, cycling, baking or doing DIY.

J thrives when chatting with others, travelling and being creative.

J is a Disability Arts Advocate and believes we have more than a second chance.

She likes being a little bit silly, creating things, and supporting others to thrive.

J has come here from abroad and after 20 years she is still learning/getting used to things!

Logo of 'Commit to Culture' by Adur & Worthing Trust featuring a circular design with orange and grey colours.
A collage of four images showing individuals in playful and unusual poses: leaning against a windswept tree, with a lampshade on the head, standing upside down, and flying a large kite.
An uplifting message on a background of multi-coloured dots that reads "You are not invisible You are fine just as you are."

You are not invisible - you are fine just as you are

pearl white.

coming out of my shell.

the invisible becomes visible - all colours of the rainbow - coloured dots emerge like rain and form words: you are not invisible - you are fine just as you are.

Graphic image with text in various sizes reading "Time... Take your time time to get up time to move time to make tea time to choose time to think time to be" on a yellow background.


Time... take your time.

time to move

time to choose

time to think

time to be.