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Independent Lives received funding from Adur and Worthing Trust to develop a creative project to promote disability awareness and creativity within Adur and Worthing.

Artist profile - Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy aka Pure Mary is often found outside walking and drinking in the minutiae of nature around her, sometimes with a wee doggy who loves people and has a tail that’s almost always wagging.

She feels proud when she hears that poetry she has written has had an impact on the reader & listener giving them a deeper understanding of the subject matter e.g., autism

Mary is happiest when she is singing in choir (especially when she challenges herself to sing a short solo), hearing all of the beautiful harmonies all around her and when she is performing poetry to a live audience.

She is a kind and thankful person and always finds a positive in every experience.

Mary’s friends & family would say her best traits are kindness, compassion and patience and that she has learned from her own experience to be deeply insightful.

She is passionate about writing & performing poetry, sharing information to encourage others to believe in their writing and performing ability, singing in choir and running a local community garden project.

She loves it when she sees the volunteers at the garden project learning new skills and the joy on their faces when they see seedlings sprouting from seeds they have sown and nurtured.

Mary believes in sharing her life experiences to benefit others going through similar situations, she also believes in the power of manifestation and universal energy.

She thrives when she pays attention to self-loving, self-caring, self-respecting action and has several ways of attaining this, through the use of writing, meditation, exercising at the gym, balancing busy times with periods of rest, taking supplements to help her body cope with chronic health conditions, staying in touch with friends and maintaining close relationships with her three adult sons.

Logo of 'Commit to Culture' by Adur & Worthing Trust featuring a circular design with orange and grey colours.
Abstract painting with a blend of vibrant green and blue strokes.

I felt it then I heard it

I felt it then I heard it
This awareness of the expulsion of the breath I’d been holding all my life
This moment of relief from the power of acknowledgment
of all I had kept inside
This explosion of joy and comfort and peace all in one out breath
This leaving of what had been unidentifiable
This dropping of my mask
This arriving of new knowledge
After so many times of laying it all out on the line
No longer do I need to ask
Can you see me?
Do you believe me?
With the very next in breath everything changed and at the same moment everything stayed the same
Now every day I feel it. I hear it. I live it. I am it
Totally visible
Completely clear
Happy to say
I’m autistically here.

A serene seascape with a clear blue sky above and calm waters below. The coastline is dotted with buildings, including a distinctive structure with a domed roof.


Not everybody thinks like me
Their clouded thoughts a mystery
It’s kind of hard to understand
What it is like in foreign lands of your reflections, contemplation, reasoning, thinking and imaginations
My mind it does get caught in the patterns of my thoughts
Multi coloured shiny spangles
Tiny flashing moments dangle
Threading through the maze
they connect and disconnect
They split and they divide
They often seem to hide from me
So many thoughts inside of me
It’s hard to grasp the way you see the path,
it’s not so solid here with me it all tends to disappear off into the haze
My brain is not defective
I just don’t get your perspective
Not straight away
Sometimes not even today
Come back later in the week and the answer that you seek
For me to see what you can see
Will be there all deep reflective.